Top 5 NY Pro Teams Fans

When discussing states with the biggest and most loyal fanbases, New York is often mentioned. The state is home to a myriad of professional sports teams, including 10 in the four major North American sports leagues, the MLB, the NBA, the NFL, and the NHL.

But which of those 11 are the top five fanbases in the state? We give our opinion below.

Buffalo Bills

Few sports fanbases have gone through more heartbreak and heartache than Buffalo Bills fans. Over their 63 seasons, the Bills have made the playoffs 23 times, collecting an 18-20 record all-time. Their golden years, of course, were from 1990 through 1993, when they made four consecutive trips to the Super Bowl. However, the Bills would walk away with zero Super Bowl titles from those four trips, losing to the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and the Dallas Cowboys twice.

After their four-straight Super Bowl appearances, they would make the playoffs four more times the rest of the decade before missing the playoffs for 16 straight seasons from 2000 to 2016. Now, Bills fans have much to look forward to, including having one of the league’s best quarterbacks, Josh Allen. Despite collecting a 44-18 year over the last four seasons, the Bills have made the AFC Championship game just once.

Bills fans have experienced it all almost, the Super Bowl, however, still alludes them. That beings aid, they’ve experienced being among the worst in the league but have also experienced the deepest despairs from heartbreaking losses.

That being said, they’re an extremely resilient fanbase and, despite often having some of the worst weather conditions on average in the league, constantly fill the seats of Highmark Stadium.

New York Yankees

Yankees fans end up getting a bad rap, with many being called “bandwagon” fans. While every fanbase has its fair share of bandwagon fans, the Yankees are thought to have more thanks to being the most successful team in Major League Baseball history. That being said, Yankees fans are among the best in all of baseball. Since 1999, the Yankees have had 3 million or more fans in attendance for their 81 home games each season outside of 2020 and 2021, which was prevented due to COVID-19 safety regulations at the time. Additionally, since 2000, they have finished first in attendance 16 times, including each year from 2003 to 2016.

All in all, Yankees fans, especially those who live within the five boroughs, are incredibly loyal to their team and will support them through thick and thin.  The World’s Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden, is often usually filled to near capacity and even had a sellout streak of as long as 269 consecutive games

New York Knicks

Next up, we have New York Knicks and their fans. Despite the Knicks missing the playoffs 17 times since the turn of the century, Knicks faithful still show up daily to support their team. Since the team’s strong run in the 1990s, attendance numbers have remained relatively consistent despite a late overall success and many losing seasons. Knicks fans always have options when using a Caesars NY promo to bet on their next game.

New York Giants

Overall, New York Giants fans are some of the most loyal fan bases in the NFL and are the superior fanbase to that of the New York Jets. After winning two Super Bowls over a four-year span, the franchise has struggled mightily over the last decade, missing the playoffs in all but 2016 and this past season. Despite the struggles, Giants tickets are often hard to come by at a reasonable price, and they have an extremely long waitlist for their season tickets, with over 70,000 names on the waiting list.

This past season, the Giants were third in NFL attendance by average attendance, with 76,474 fans on average showing up for their nine home games. By overall attendance for the season, the Giants were second only behind their division rival. That was not too bad for a team that coming into the season, had missed the playoffs in five consecutive seasons. 

New York Mets

Finally, we have the New York Mets. Despite not being the biggest baseball team nor close to it, Mets fans commonly flock to Citi Field to see the  Amazins. Despite having a general lack of success, making the playoffs just four times since losing the 2000 World Series to the crosstown New York Yankees, the Mets have had two million fans or more in attendance each season, including several seasons of three million fans and one season of four million fans in 2008.

This past season, the Mets fans were awarded for their loyalty to a 101-win team. While they were eliminated in the National League Wild Card series by the San Diego Padres, the Mets were one of the best teams in baseball throughout the season, and now with Steve Cohen as the owner is going to be a pretty tall task for opposing teams to take down as Cohen has made it clear he will spend whatever it takes to win a World Series.




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