Top 5 Indie Casino Games You Must Try

Indie games are short for “independent video games”, and what separates them from ones released by major development studios are authenticity and usually very low budgets.

However, they often compensate for that through unique storylines and the personal touch of their creators. Sometimes, indie games start small and turn into global phenomena, just like Minecraft did.

A similar principle applies to online gambling. Indie slots start their journey small and take over players’ hearts over time. Once that happens, they get featured at all the major online casinos, like 7Slots, for example.

In this article, we’ll go over the best five online casino indie games that are not mainstream hits yet, so make sure to check them out before they get on everyone’s radar.

1. Casino RPG

According to Steampeek, Casino RPG stands out as one of the indie gambling game market’s most successful titles.

Its name alone gives a clear idea of its essence – envision a blend of traditional RPG elements, the simulation aspects of SimCity, the strategy found in Tycoon games, and the immersive qualities of a metaverse.

On this gaming platform, each player becomes a casino operator within a virtual city. Your primary objective? Fun.

In this virtual realm, you can accumulate in-game currency through gameplay, which, in turn, can be utilized to expand and enhance your gaming establishment. Notably, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the casinos created by fellow players, and they, in turn, will visit yours.

This video game immerses you in a micro-economy where gambling fuels innovation, and innovation fuels gambling. It’s time to relive the nostalgia of the 2012 Facebook Farming Game era, all within the exciting realm of a virtual casino.

2. Luck Be a Landlord

This game offers a lighthearted and humorous concept, making it an ideal choice for stress relief. In this unique video gaming experience, your primary objective revolves around covering your rent payments. To achieve this, you engage in a roguelike deck-building experience centered on playing slot machines.

Notably, this game refrains from incorporating real-world currencies or microtransactions, emphasizing its mission to challenge capitalism by meeting your landlord’s rent demands. The standout feature of this title is the inclusion of a delightful pet dog that you can interact with.

Additionally, the game introduces captivating strategic elements to keep you thoroughly engaged. All these factors make the current price tag of €8.65 a worthwhile investment. If you’re eager to take on capitalism, this game is made for you.

3. Pokerstars VR

If you’re a virtual reality enthusiast seeking immersive VR experiences, Pokerstars VR stands out as the perfect gaming choice. It transports you into an authentically recreated casino setting, allowing you to satisfy your curiosity about the clandestine world of Las Vegas.

Significantly, this game has evolved beyond its indie gambling origins, transforming into an excellent platform for hosting virtual poker gatherings with friends who are miles away.

Furthermore, the core gameplay centers around in-game currency, offering an enjoyable means to refine your poker skills.

It’s worth noting that you’ll require VR equipment for a complete immersion in this adventure. Even if your circle lacks poker aficionados, Pokerstars VR boasts a thriving community where you can establish enduring online poker connections.

4. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gambling

As per IndieDB’s assessment, this game stands as a satirical masterpiece, cleverly poking fun at the world of gambling within online video games. Consequently, the game’s objective remains strikingly uncomplicated.

Initially, your task involves the opening of loot boxes, an action that invariably leads to the discovery of even more loot boxes, and this pattern continues indefinitely. The concept is straightforward: revel in the act of opening loot boxes and reap the rewards they contain.

In essence, this particular indie game falls into the category of those designed to consistently trigger the release of serotonin and dopamine in your brain. It provides an exceptionally enjoyable experience, especially suited for those who derive amusement from satirizing the videogame industry.

Beyond its entertainment value, it possesses an addictive quality that can easily ensnare players. Aptly named “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gambling,” this game offers an amusing take on a familiar gaming phenomenon.

5. Grand Casino Tycoon

The Grand Casino Tycoon stands out as the indie gaming equivalent of Caesar’s Casino, offering a unique blend of management and gaming experience. It’s not just part of the elite group of gambling video games; it’s fundamentally a standalone gambling experience.

The real-life obstacles of managing a casino, coupled with the substantial financial requirements, can be exceptionally daunting. Nevertheless, if you’ve ever dreamed of constructing your very own gambling empire, then this video game is custom-designed for individuals like you.

In essence, it delivers a classic Tycoon gaming experience. Throughout the gameplay, you’ll encounter a multitude of events that will test your ability to create efficient systems and structures.

The choices you make extend to partnering with others and negotiating business agreements. Yet, these decisions are far from straightforward, as a single misstep could potentially spell disaster for your casino dynasty.




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