Three Project Ideas For The Mechanically Inclined

If you’re interested in mechanics, you have a particular set of skills that can be very handy in certain situations. However, you can’t dismantle your car or rewire your house every time you feel the urge to take something apart and put it back together again. That’s why we have gathered these three project ideas for mechanics, to hone your craft from home.

Arcade Claw Machines

If you grew up by a seaside or a local fair, you may have tried a claw machine before. For most people, it was a short encounter that probably ended without you getting its prize. However, there are dedicated communities of enthusiasts who beat the metal claw by getting one of their own. Then, through persistence, know-how, and a little luck, claw enthusiasts learn how to play and apply that knowledge to different machines when traveling.

Most claw machines are famous for being stuffed with plush toys. That’s why other entertainment industries portray them as filled with fuzzy friends. It’s prominent in fields like iGaming, where slot games come in many themes and some, like Fluffy Favorites Jackpot, focus on claw machines and the action of playing one. However, claw machines can also have other goodies locked inside them, like watches and other accessories. Of course, yours can have anything you want inside of it.

Like any interest, your engagement with claw machines can be slight or more dedicated. Some enthusiasts learn about the machines and how they are made, and then they will only play certain specimens in the wild. Others are into them for the culture, traveling to places like Japan to try out some of the world’s most advanced machines. Often, claw enthusiasts donate successful wins or gift them to the special people in their lives.


The craft of watchmaking is hundreds of years old, once an esteemed practice that was limited to guilds and royal societies. Most modern watchmakers repair factory-made models, though the most luxurious brands still belong to a centuries-old tradition. Take Swiss watchmakers for example – the reason they are so expensive is because they handcraft watches and keep the old tradition alive. So, if you’re less chop shop engineer and more of a surgeon, repairing watches is a perfect mechanical side gig.

While you won’t become a Swiss watchmaker anytime soon, taking up horology is a great way to relax if you’re the meticulous type. Most get started by learning how to take apart watches they own, and then put them back together again. From there, some take cash to fix other people’s broken watches or buy challenging watchmaking kits. Naturally, this tends to lead to a watch collection.

If there’s a downside, it’s that having the right tools is most of the work. If you don’t have the right tools, some of which can be very expensive, then you may be limited in what you can make/repair.

3D Printing

From the ancient tradition of watchmaking to one of the newest mechanical projects on the block, 3D printing can be whatever you want it to be. You can get a small 3D printer for your desk for much cheaper nowadays, enabling new fans of 3D modeling to get involved. If money is no object, you can splash on a larger model that can pay itself back by generating parts for other projects.

Most 3D printer users run PLA through their systems, a reliable plastic that can make a lot of fun but also useful designs. At the forefront of 3D printing, people work with liquid metal filaments that can create hardier materials or tools. Others even use an edible filament to print food dishes. However, in each case, it’s probably quicker to visit your toolbox or fridge. So, for now, tinker away with a smaller rig and use it to create miniatures, accessories, and other small projects. You can always upgrade your rig later, sometimes by getting the rig to print its extra parts! Many printers also sell their projects online once their rig is up and running.



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