Thong Battle: Perfect Thong to Gift Your Girlfriend

It’s natural for us men to know little, or completely nothing, about women’s underwear. That does not necessarily imply that we have never seen women in thongs, though. It’s just that seeing girls in thongs is not the same as knowing what thong will suit your woman. After all, choosing a thong is a lot harder than choosing a brief. Choosing a thong requires some kind of complex mathematical formula you know. There’s no need to worry, though. We got your back… or thong.

Almost every occasion calls for a gift. Birthdays, weddings, Christmas, New Years. You name it, you need a gift for it. When it comes to giving your significant other a present, it will not hurt to think a little about yourself too. Or, at the very least, what you prefer to see them in. 

An epic Thong Battle for the ages?

As such, we bring you the thong battle! Yes, we did think that through. We’ll help you decide which thong deserves to win the Game of Thongs.

Is a thong the same as a panty?

Before you go to a thong shop like Agent Provocateur or Hanky Panky, know first what kind of product you’re buying. Just like how all beef is meat, but not all meats are beef. All thongs are panties, but not all panties are thongs. Why exactly is this kind of information important? Simple, we will be talking about thongs today and a.) we’re just making sure we’re on the same page, and b.) you don’t want to look like an idiot when you try to buy one. 

let the thong battle begin
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Thongs are basically little underwear that only covers the front parts. Just the way we like it. If you’ve ever browsed around the seedier parts of Reddit, you’ve probably seen numerous photos of girls in thongs. The back part is basically just a thin strip or a string that goes in between the buttcheeks. If the buttcheeks are covered, then that’s not a thong.

What are the types of thongs?

Thongs also have different types. Each type varies depending on the way it looks, thickness of string, and the material that it’s made of. There are…


The G-string is probably the most well known kind of thong out there. Just as its name implies, it’s basically a thong made of strings. There’s only a tiny triangular piece of cloth to cover the front part of the crotch. Other than that, everything else is made up of string. Personally, I find this the most comfortable underwear as a woman, and the clear winner of my own personal thong battle.

Before you ask what does the G actually mean, we’ll already answer it for you. The thong itself doesn’t have the tiniest semblance to the letter G. In fact, one linguist actually believes that it actually stands for groin. Verified or not, we’re not here to talk about etymologies. We’re here to talk about thongs!


Unlike G-strings, C-strings are actually shaped like a C. That’s not the only difference. It’s also wilder and fiercer. C-strings only covers the front part, just like the G-string. However, it doesn’t have those strings that go around the waist. It only has one string that goes underneath the crotch and between the buttcheeks. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Cheeky

The Cheeky thongs are the most conservative type of thongs. They’re like normal panties but the part that’s supposed to cover the buttcheeks are cut out. Hey, we’re not really complaining. We like it just the way it is!

Cotton Thongs

Just by reading its name, you’ve already know what this thong is about. Drumroll… It’s a thong that’s made of cotton. Hey, stop chuckling. It’s special in its own way.

Since it’s made of breathable soft-textured material, it’s the best type to wear during specially hot days. Plus, some have some cool funky designs too. 

Lacy Thongs

Another complete giveaway are Lacy Thongs. Just like what its name suggests, these thongs are made of lace. This is the perfect type to spice up the night and make things raunchier than usual. We mean, who doesn’t love a good lace or two, right?

If I had to choose a 2nd place finisher in this epic thong battle, lacy thongs would be the ones.

What kind of thong will I buy?

Buying thongs is easier said than done. Even after all of the information above, you probably still don’t have an inkling about what kind of thong to give your special someone. Again, do not worry. We got your back. 

sexy couple in bed
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Just like buying any kind of undergarment, make sure that the thong you will be giving as a gift is the correct size. Giving a thong of the wrong size could be pretty uncomfortable. Avoid that if you don’t want to irk somebody. Once you’ve seen enough photos of girls in thongs, you’ll start to get a better idea of what could work, or not work, for different body types.

Another thing to take note of is that thongs are primarily for aesthetic purposes. Although one may opt to wear it everyday, it will not provide any good support during active activities. You’d better choose a thong that perfectly fits a certain scenario in your mind. Yeah, we’re talking about bedtime mumbo jumbo.

battle thong
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That being said, it’s best to choose which type you prefer. We’ve already laid out all kinds of thongs. It’s up to you to choose which one you think will suit both of your tastes. Although personally, we highly advise going for the Lacy Thongs for sexy aesthetics or the C-string for fiercer kind of acts. 

Where can I buy nice thongs?

All said and discussed, where can you actually find this stuff? There are a lot of magazines and physical outlets out there. We’re talking about Victoria’s Secret or even H&M’s lingerie section. We do understand that browsing those parts as a dude could get pretty awkward. 

sexy woman relaxing bed
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Good thing that there’s a pretty nifty alternative. You can just go to Agent Provocateur or Hanky Panky. Both of which are online stores that sell women’s garments, and have high resolution photos of girls in thongs to give you an idea of what each one looks like. They both have good varieties of thongs and other sets of women’s undergarments. That means panties, bras, lingerie, nightgowns, and even bodysuits. You know, in case you decide to go to a whole new level. 

woman wearing thong lipstick
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Plus, you can even add some kind of gimmick to your gift giving. Hanky Panky actually has this bouquet of roses with a twist. That seemingly innocent bouquet is actually made of thongs. We’re not sure if you will be surprised by that, but it sure did surprise us.

So who did win the thong battle? Well, no matter what you and your girlfriend choose, there really are no losers. You’ll get to browse photos of girls in thongs while you make your selection, and in the end you’ll get to see your girlfriend wearing one too!




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