Things You Should Consider While Buying a Carpet Steam Cleaner

A carpet steam cleaner is a powerful tool and a powerful replacement for harsh consumable or disposable chemicals and manual labor intensive gadgets. It cleans and disinfects your carpets in a highly effective manner. It even features a number of attachments. True steam cleaners expel dry steam vapor, and a majority of them do not provide suction like a vacuum. In fact, the moisture loosens the dirt, the pressure blasts it out of its hiding place, and the heat kills the gems.

After that, you can pick up all the dirt, germs and moisture with the help of a towel. This can be done in a two-step process (spray and wipe) or cover the attachment with a cloth and make is a one-step process.

You will come across a number of companies that sell awesome steam cleaners. Let’s have a look at some of the things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a carpet steam cleaner.

Safety features

You should look out for multiple independent mechanisms that assure your safety and that of your machine. These cleaners operate under pressure, and you want peace of mind that it is safe to use, especially around your kids. You need to spend a bit extra when it comes to extra safety features.

Boiler tank material

High-quality stainless steel is long-lasting and costs more than aluminium or low-quality stainless steel. Just because it claims ‘stainless steel’ doesn’t means it is high quality. The concept of cheapy pay – cheapy get is true over here. Stainless steel tanks that are poor in quality are actually worse than the aluminium, but both are prone to pinholes that leak over time.

Wiring gauge

Regarding wiring gauge, heavy duty is what works and lasts, and it costs more than thinner wire. There will be a considerable amount of electrical current running through your steamer, and you’ll want to make sure that its wiring is sufficient.


An instantly on and off switch on the hose puts you safely in control. High-quality multi-setting switches that adjust steam pressure output that lets you choose high, medium or low is even better.

Heating units

Heating units that are mounted inside the tank work best and last longer. Units having this feature may cost more initially but offer longer lifespan over those with separate heating elements not protected inside the stainless steel tank.

Insulation type and amount

Heavy insulation surrounding the tank helps the water heat faster and keeps the heat in the tank, instead of transferring to the housing. You don’t want to get burned if you touch the housing.


It is important to have high quality, well designed and durable attachments. They make a huge difference. You can make out the difference when you compare a lower price brand over a higher one. The quality of the results you will get is in the attachment and its intended application. Efficiently designed and well-manufactured brushes allow you to get your tasks finished quickly and easily. Poor quality or badly designed attachments will make your life tough.

Water capacity

Refilling a unit again and again after every 15 minutes that just holds a cup of water will frustrate you if you are clean a large carpet exclusively with steam. A steamer featuring half a gallon water capacity tank and the ability to refill without waiting for the unit to cool down will keep you working steadily and save your time.

These were some of the important considerations that you must take care of while buying a steam carpet cleaner. Hope you find this article informative and helpful.



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