The Top 3 Instruments to Learn as a Beginner

Learning a new skill isn’t usually an easy process. It takes a lot of time, commitment, and effort. However, if you stick at it, the results are highly rewarding. And, when it comes to developing a new skill, there’s a variety of options available to suit anyone. If knitting, painting or languages aren’t really your thing, your next logical step is to try out an instrument.

That can be an intimidating step for a lot of people to take. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try out an instrument, but you’ve just never had the push you needed. Maybe you had a bad experience with a grumpy piano teacher as a child and never looked back. Whatever reason you have for picking up an instrument again, we’re here to help!

We’ve listed the top three instruments that are most suitable for beginners. No instrument is easy to learn. They all take time and commitment. However, some of them are a lot easier to pick up on than their advanced companions. Whether you’re going to be looking for the best drum brands or the finest digital pianos, this post is your starting point.

1. The Keyboard/Piano

One of the most popular instruments to learn also happens to be one of the most beginner-friendly. Due to the piano’s popularity there are innumerable resources on the web to help you master the instrument. From tutorials, to free apps, to full blown courses, there’s no shortage of ways to get started.

Part of the reason for this popularity is because of accessibility. You don’t need a full grand piano to get started (though wouldn’t that be nice?). The music theory differences between piano and keyboard aren’t that huge, especially if you invest in a digital piano.

Some of the most beautiful pieces of music ever composed were done so on a piano – it’s easy to understand their popularity.

2. The Drums

Easily one of the most fun instruments to learn, they’re also one of the noisiest. While the noisiness is all a part of the fun, it’s important to bear in mind if you’re going to be getting a kit for the home. The last thing you want when trying to master an instrument is a complaint from your neighbor.

All that aside, the drums are a vastly underestimated instrument. They are, in fact, the oldest instrument on Earth. The fact that they’re still so popular today is a testament to their quality. It’s also important to mention that playing the drums is not just mindlessly smacking things. It’s a real skill!

As a percussion instrument, drums create their sound via rhythmic strikes upon a hollow shell. They vary in size and style greatly, which allows for great customizability. If you’re prepared to take on this impressive instrument, it’s certainly one of the most therapeutic!

3. The Acoustic Guitar

A classic, the acoustic guitar is notorious for being the one instrument everybody has thought about learning to play at some point. It isn’t as easy as it seems, but once mastered, the guitar is a beautiful instrument that can provide hours of satisfaction.

Learning acoustic guitar has been noted especially as building confidence, in addition to helping with concentration and memory. All instruments offer cognitive improvements through learning how to play them, but the guitar still stands out among its peers.

Whichever instrument you eventually decide upon, remember to stay patient with yourself. Learning a new skill is hard! If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be so rewarding at the end. Stick with it and you’ll see positive changes over time, sometimes in ways you may not have expected when you started.




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