The TEAC AD-800 – Bring Those Cassette Tapes Back To Life

The days of the cassette tapes are long gone and even CD’s are getting ready to be shown the EXIT door with consumer’s preferring digital media. It was about five or six years ago when we decided to get rid of my parent’s collection of cassettes from the late 70’s and 80’s. We discovered a lot of Abba, Celine Dion, and Michael Jackson. Thinking back, we should have kept the cassette tapes even if they were not being used. I especially wish we kept the tapes because I didn’t even realize that a device such as the TEAC AD-800 existed.

The TEAC AD-800 is an analog to digital converter which uses Dolby noise reduction technology to remove noise, hiss, and other unwanted interferences from your cassette tape recordings as it transfers the music/audio to CD quality digital files.

Those old cassette players were pretty brutal on the tapes and I spent plenty of time fixing the spools which had been unwound. This of course may have caused damage to the audio but the TEAC AD-800 also features a tape speed control which minimizes the warping effects of tape stretch and it also restores the original pitch of the audio recordings.

This device also has a USB and AUX in port which allows you to connect other old machines such as LP turntables and reel to reel recorders so that you may convert the audio to MP3 files and can access them on your modern players and portable devices. This converter also comes with a remote control and the necessary cables.

The TEAC AD-800 will set you back $199.95 on Amazon.



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