The Road to Manhood: Fashion and Lifestyle Tips

Boys have no limits. Like electrified balls of energy, we did all sorts of mischievous stuff and even ended up bragging about it on a few occasions. And when the topic of sex came up, our minds were riddled with confusion and fascination. We were like ticking time bombs, ready to explode at any minute as we absorbed the world with our senses. That entire period lasting up to the early 20s sure had its indignities and embarrassing moments but they, too, helped us discover what manhood really is. No human is perfect and learning from mistakes is what growing up is all about.

However, it certainly takes a lot for a boy to become a man. Sure, some grow up very young while some do it quite late in their lives but there is no universal indicator when the transition is complete. There are no rules only subtle signs that show true maturity and wisdom. If you have been wondering what it takes to become a proper modern-day gentleman, here are some tips and signals, which might shed more light on the intricate process.


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Of course, it is not right to judge a person by what he wears but let us be honest, clothes play a vital role in defining a man. What we wear or rather how we present ourselves really speaks volumes about who we are. This explains whether we have grown mentally and by opting for more dignified pieces of clothing reflects that you see yourself as a grown-up person. A well-tailored suit, a top-quality leather bag for men or even a stylish trench court certainly shows you are developing your sense of fashion, which directly stems from your sense of maturity.


Humor is a sign of charm and wits, right? It is the basis upon which you build relationships. And yes, men are known to act childish at times. It is in their nature. However, knowing which words to use and how to express yourself to people is crucial for an individual’s development. Words have power and being responsible for what we say is a sign of maturity. Knowing how to read a room and bring laughs says that you have done your homework as a man.

Take for instance bachelor parties. What shows more class and charm? Going in some seedy bar to get hammered with your buddies or, for instance, organizing an adventurous stag do weekend in Lisbon or any other popular European destination? Remember, how we have fun can say a lot about how far we have come as men.

Keeping things clean

handsome bearded man trimming his beard with a ELRTPND
Handsome young bearded man trimming his beard with a trimmer

How we keep our homes also says a lot of things about being a man. This is not just about how orderly we are but how we handle our personal hygiene. Naturally, maintaining our houses isn’t a picnic. But what really matters is the effort we put to keep things in line. This helps us develop character and set certain life values. It doesn’t matter whether you have hired someone to do all the housekeeping for you or you are left to your own devices, participation in cleanliness tells volumes about your maturity.

Physical fitness

We have to take care of our bodies, there are no two ways about it. Men are generally more active compared to women when it comes to physical activity, however, there are moments when men can really let themselves go. Consequently, lack of fitness can seriously affect our health. In order to show maturity, balancing our weight and staying fit is a vital part of the process. Regardless of whether you are participating in team sports or lifting weights solo at the gym, the end goal is all the same.

Mental well-being

Lastly, you can describe a man’s characteristics with words like egoism, aggressiveness, rationality, dominance, etc. However, this can also apply to both sexes, meaning that men can also learn to be emotional, selfless, withdrawn, and people-oriented as women principally tend to be. It is human to show both sides of the same medal – and real men know how to express and interpret emotions, too. There is a time and a place for everything.

man with beard and his small yellow dog playing 8FHNL6Q
Man with beard and his small yellow dog playing and enjoying sunny day, nature and friendship. Bearded man in a sky blue shirt, and sunglasses taping his pet.

At some point in life, you will have to fake a laugh or smile just to be on people’s good graces. Brutal honesty is never the answer. Handling situations where you show understanding and protect people who need protection tells a lot about a man’s maturity. In other words, how we react to given circumstances and take responsibility for our actions is what sets men apart from boys.


In order to be a man, you are going to need more than just style. You need to be physically fit, to have grace, and your communication skills need to be proper. There are some universal qualities which define a man but how you end up acquiring them is totally up to you. Remember, maturity is a feeling, not a consistent state. If you know how and when to consciously tap into that source, then it is safe to say that you, sir, are a fine gentleman!




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