The Reasons Online Bingo Has Taken Off

Playing bingo has been popular with people across the world for centuries. It’s thought that the game originated in the 16th century in Italy as a form of national Lottery and later in France as a game played by the gentry.

Today, bingo is played by people from all kinds of walks of life and is still very much as popular as it once was. While physical bingo venues have been in decline for a while across the UK, online bingo has really taken off in the last few years, enabling more people than ever to access the game.

Bingo has traditionally been a social game that has brought communities together to bond, socialize, or even raise money. So, why exactly has it become so popular in the online world? Below, we’ll explore exactly why online bingo has taken off so much.

Ease of access to playing bingo

In recent times, a public health crisis, severe weather, and the rising cost of an evening out has meant that a night out to the local bingo center is not always an option. However, thanks to the digital revolution, bingo can now be played in an online environment and on any device, so long as you have a stable internet connection.

Forget having to book a babysitter, find a taxi company, or convince your husband that bingo is no longer exclusively considered a female pastime; playing bingo does not have to be hard anymore. Online bingo does not discriminate and welcomes all kinds of players. Simply find a quality online site for playing bingo like Jackpotjoy and let the rest be history.

Some things to remember when playing online include:

  • Choose a site that is secure and has an up-to-date SSL license. You can check this by seeing if a locked padlock is displayed at the beginning of the URL.
  • Make sure your password to your account is secure and not related to any personal information or easy to guess.
  • Be sure that there are a wide variety of secure payment options for your safety and convenience.
  • See if there are any sites offering trial games so you can ‘try before you buy’.

Removing stigmas of playing bingo

For a long time, bingo has been associated with an older female person’s game, which has made many other groups of people feel uncomfortable joining in with the game. Traditionally, bingo was held at a community hall and was hosted at times of the day when most people were at work. It was also used as a way of bringing people together in small communities who perhaps otherwise wouldn’t have got out to socialize, as well as being used for fundraising for different community needs.

While today’s modern bingo venues are a far cry from this picture of bingo, online bingo enables all kinds of people to access the game without fearing that they will be judged or laughed at for playing a ‘woman’s game’ as it was previously considered.

Statistics show that 25% of today’s bingo players in the UK are men, which is a significant improvement when compared to the all-female crowd we would have seen a few decades ago. In addition, statistics also show the fastest-growing demographic for playing online bingo is those aged 18-34, making up 17% of all players currently. This shows a large shift in attitudes, considering the majority of bingo players have been aged above 55 in the past. Today, the age category 55 plus is most in decline when it comes to playing online bingo.

Fun themes

Playing games online means that there are many more features and fun themes available that would not be realistic in a real-life bingo venue. From the latest TV shows and blockbuster movies to occasional themes like Halloween, Christmas, and The King’s Coronation, players can enjoy all kinds of fun, novelty features, and bonus game content when playing online.

Larger jackpots when playing bingo online

One of the great things about playing online is that there are more people playing than there would be in a brick-and-mortar bingo venue. As such, there are more people contributing to a larger jackpot, as well as more offers being available.

Famously, online bingo has a range of offers for first-time players, from no-deposit games to bonus goes to make your pennies stretch further. Whether you’re playing for the cash or just for fun, you’re bound to be in for a treat either way.

Overall, there’s so much to offer when it comes to online bingo that it’s no surprise the online bingo industry has taken off so quickly. From exciting themes to bonus in-game content, a wider diversity of players, and so much more. Dive in and start playing, or you won’t know what you’re missing.




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