The Importance of Boat Waxing, Revealed

Did you know, in 2017, there were around 12 million registered boats in the US? How many of these boats will receive proper maintenance?

Most people who live near water will know the popularity of boats. They can be used for many occasions.

There are many myths related to boat waxing. Keep reading to find the actual important facts of waxing a boat.

Boat Waxing Defends Against the Sun

Most boat owners will have to purchase their boats to take out on trips across the waters. But, did you know, if you don’t wax your boat, this trip could be damaging it?

Taking your boat out for a day in the beautiful weather can be the best feeling in the world. But the UV rays can damage your boat over time.

End your boat cleaning routine with a coat of wax. This will prolong the life of your boat. Don’t waste your money by letting your boat lose its look.

It Gives the Boat a Faster Speed

Speed boats are made for one reason, speed. If you wax a boat correctly, you can not only ensure your boat remains fast, you may even speed it up.

With your added layer of wax, you will produce less of a drag as your boat sails through the waves. This benefit won’t last forever, though.

Over time, the water will begin to remove that extra layer of wax. By keeping to a regular waxing regime, you should be able to keep on top of this decline.

Water Damage Protection

The water has a wide array of life living within it. Some are visible, such as fish. But, many invisible aspects could affect your boat.

Over time, the water will slowly damage your boat. This damage can come in such forms as the hull becoming contaminated or gaining a layer of debris.

Knowing how to properly wax a boat will help protect your boat from such water-based damage. This is another benefit of how wax can lengthen the lifespan of your boat.

Helps With Home Storage

Following a boat maintenance routine doesn’t finish the moment it leaves the water. Those who store your boat at home will need to continue the maintenance for storage.

If your boat is out in the open, for example, a backyard, you will need wax to continue the UV protection. If you leave your boat stationary for long periods, you may notice the color starting to fade.

Protects Your Personalization

If you have opted to add some fancy boat detailing, waxing your boat will help keep the graphics safe. If you skip the waxing stage of your boat’s maintenance, your decals could suffer from them.

Maintain a healthy layer of wax on your boat to stop your graphics from fading. You may have bought your boat for days in the sun, but that sun could be your worst enemy.

Keep Your Boat Safe With Wax

Now you know more truth about boat waxing. How often will you wax yours?

Will you wax to protect your boat from the sun? Will you wax to gain speed? Will you wax to maintain your graphics and style?

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