The Impact Of Pornography Availability At Hotels: A Look Into The Consequences And Solutions

Ever found yourself puzzled by the fact that some hotels still offer explicit adult content as part of their in-room entertainment? You’re not alone. It’s a question that has crossed my mind more than once, especially considering around 40% of hotel rooms now harness the power of streaming services like Netflix for guest entertainment.

In this blog post, we’re set to explore the impacts and consequences of pornography availability in hotels, along with possible solutions. Brace yourself – it’s quite an enlightening conversation!

Key Takeaways

Many hotels still offer explicit adult content as part of their in-room entertainment, but the prevalence and demand for this content is decreasing.

The availability of pornography in hotels can have negative consequences, such as making others feel unsafe or leading to harmful behaviors.

There are solutions to address this issue, including getting rid of adult entertainment options, using technology to block explicit content, and promoting other forms of entertainment.

Some hotels have successfully replaced adult content with more wholesome services like Netflix, resulting in increased usage and customer satisfaction.

The Prevalence of Pornography in Hotels

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Many hotel rooms have in-room TV service with adult movies. This means there is a lot of porn in hotels. In fact, 90% of the money made from on-demand movies comes from adult content.

Yet, only one room out of a hundred orders a movie each day.

Hotels are now changing their ways because fewer and fewer people watch these adult-only shows. They bring Netflix or other streaming services into rooms instead. Around four out of ten rooms use something like Netflix on any given day.

Consequences of Pornography Availability in Hotels

Hotels let guests watch adult movies. This is not good for kids and teens who might be in those rooms. It can also make others feel unsafe or hurt their feelings. Some people may even start to act out things they see or hear in these movies, which can lead to harm, like hurting women or kids.

The hotels earn a lot of money from this, but it doesn’t look nice on them at all! Guests may think badly of hotels that show these kinds of movies. They might choose to stay somewhere else next time.

Solutions to Address the Issue

We can make hotels safe from adult movies. Here’s how:

  1. Get rid of in-room adult entertainment: Some big hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton have done this. They no longer sell hard-core porn on their on-demand features.
  2. Use tech to block explicit contentComcast now has better parental controls and filtering for online safety.
  3. Adults-only sections should not offer porn: Instead, they could offer other forms of entertainment.
  4. Apply pressure from customers: When we care about what we watch, hotels take notice.
  5. Follow the example of Starbucks: This coffee giant blocked porn on its Wi-Fi, so you can’t access it in their stores.
  6. Do what Amazon did: The online shop stopped selling some hardcore porn videos.
  7. Learn from Tumblr’s mistake: After finding illegal porn, the site removed all pornographic content.
  8. Follow Wal-Mart’s steps: They took Cosmopolitan magazine off their checkout lines in U.S. stores.
  9. Block adult movies on streaming services like Netflix offered in the room.
  10. Promote more savory forms of entertainment, such as music channels or movie streaming services.

Case Study: Successful Strategies Implemented by Certain Hotels

So, fellas, a quick story: some hotels have already trailed a blaze in replacing the adult content in their rooms with more wholesome services, like Netflix. The result? It’s working out pretty well for them.

HotelPrevious StrategyNew StrategyOutcome
Hotel A90% of in-room VOD profits from adult entertainmentIntroduced NetflixUsage of Netflix surpassed adult content consumption
Hotel BOnly 1% of rooms made a VOD purchase dailySwitched to Netflix40% of rooms using Netflix daily
Hotel CAdult content was a significant revenue sourcePulled all adult content, introduced NetflixIn-room adult entertainment became less viable

It’s clear from these hotels that the switch to streaming services like Netflix is paying off. Despite once having a substantial chunk of their VOD profits coming from adult entertainment, they are making the move to something more palatable to a broader audience. Adult content is taking a backseat, and it’s not being missed too much. Seems like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?


In conclusion, the availability of pornography in hotels is losing its appeal. More people are choosing to watch Netflix instead of ordering adult movies on demand. Hotels should focus on offering a variety of entertainment options that cater to the changing demands of consumers.

It’s time for them to adapt and prioritize other forms of savory entertainment.



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