The History of Mercedes Vito

The Mercedes Vito is one of the most iconic vans on the road. It is an instantly recognizable vehicle with a three-pointed star prominently placed on the front grill. And not only is it renowned for its sleek style, but the Mercedes Vito is also one of the most practical vans to buy or lease today.

If you are looking to lease a van for your business, the Mercedes Vito is one of the best options. It is a durable, stable, and reliable vehicle that can support a range of needs. To find out whether this is indeed the right vehicle for you, let us take a look into the history of Mercedes Vito.

What Is A Mercedes Vito?

The Mercedes Vito, or also known by its full name, Mercedes-Benz Vito, is a vehicle that has been on the road since the late 1990s. It is one of the several variants of the Mercedes van used in the commercial industry. Each model of these vans can assist different kinds of businesses in their work.

Mercedes Vito vans are light vehicles that can appear as a single panel van or offer additional passenger space. This passenger space can be accommodated by substituting part of the load area of these vans. The latest Mercedes Vito vans are available in three different lengths and four diesel engine versions, including the:

  • 109 CDI
  • 111 CDI
  • 115 CDI
  • 120 CDI

For those aware of the Mercedes numerics pattern that is commonly found on their vans, the Mercedes Vito follows the same guide for the engine power output of each model. This means that, usually, the Mercedes Vito vans have a power output of:

  • The 109 CDI offers 93 BHP
  • The 11 CDI offers 116 BHP
  • The 115 CDI offers 150 BHP
  • The 120 CDI offers 204 BHP

The Mercedes Vito is a standard panel van that has a lot to offer to businesses, which is why it is such an excellent option for commercial leasing.

The History of the Mercedes Vito Van

This van is produced by Mercedes-Benz and is mainly manufactured in Spain and Mexico.

The first-generation Mercedes Vito was introduced between 1996 and 2003, and these Mercedes vans can either be powered by a diesel engine, which offers up to 120 BHP, or a petrol engine with 140 BHP. This first-generation Mercedes van is a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

Following the success of the first Mercedes Vito vans, the second-generation was introduced to the roads several years later. These vans are more streamlined than the first-generation. However, for those interested in this model of the Mercedes Vito, it is important to know that the second-generation is powered by a new range of engines. It also uses a rear-wheel-drive instead of the original front-wheel-drive. The second-generation Mercedes Vito vans are the most common nowadays. Among the things to consider is the new horizontal angle of the windshield and A-pillar, as the dashboard is more extended, and the vans’ hood is smaller.

All second-generation vans are Euro 3 and Euro 4 compliant, which means that they are exempt from the Low Emission Zone introduced into London in 2010.This policy requires all commercial vans to reach at least Euro 3 regulations to enter certain roads and areas of the capital city. With the second-generation Mercedes Vito, there are no restrictions in this area.

How The Mercedes Vito Made History

One of the most iconic times within the history of the Mercedes Vito vans came in 2008. In August 2008, the Public Carriage Office approved the Mercedes Vito to be used as the licensed London black cab.This new model of the Mercedes Vito features sliding doors, electric steps, and seating for up to six people or two wheelchairs. The updated rear-wheel steering system on the Mercedes Vito allows these taxicabs to meet the strict Public Carriage Office guidelines regarding a 25-foot turning circle rule on the road.

Lease Mercedes Vito

The Mercedes Vito van is an iconic vehicle in more ways than one. With the solid design, compliant rear-wheel drive features, and extraordinary history, the Mercedes Vito is one of the best vehicles to lease for your business.




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