The Heineken Experience – Ye Olde Amsterdam Brewery Adventures

If you’ve never had a chance to visit Amsterdam, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s a unique and often exciting place, full of rich history, beautiful architecture and waterways, and a wide range of delicious beers like Amstel and and the ever classic Heineken. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to get into Europe!

You can pick out a packaged deal through any number of providers, fly in, stay for a few days, and then continue on your merry way across Europe. At least, that’s how I did it when I made the trek there last year. But before leaving Amsterdam, there’s one place you absolutely must visit: The Heineken Experience.

But… but… it’s Heineken!

Now, I know what you’re going to say (or at least what I would say), and that’s that Heineken is an absolutely repulsive beer, fitting only of being poured directly on the curb. Well, I happen to agree, but there’s a good reason for that: skunked beer.

You see, beer and light are enemies, struggling eternally, and with light often coming out on top. Beer’s only protection is a little thing he likes to call “tinted glass”, particularly of the dark brown variety. Since Heineken – in all their wisdom – choose to use clear glass, well… I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. By the time the beer reaches North America, it’s swill.

Experience Heineken with, uh… the Heineken Experience

I’ve just told you why Heineken usually tastes disgusting, so why would you want to visit the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam? I’ll give you a few good reasons.

  1. If you’re struggling to dream up some Amsterdam excursions that don’t involve cycling around or beating the pavement, and instead would like to do something relaxing that allows you to drink beer and learn beer history at the same time, well… The Heineken Experience is perfect. But the beer is nasty!! you say, but is it really?
  2. Since you’re getting Heineken fresh from the brewery, it actually tastes delicious! You’ll be experiencing Heineken in a whole new light… a delicious light, without skunking.
  3. If you’re gluten intolerant, or rocking the Paleo diet, then congratulations, because Heineken contains virtually no gluten. Consider is a brief reprieve from all the wine you’re undoubtedly drinking.

And if those weren’t enough to convince you, here’s a bit of good and proper inspiration to get you going. This is a collection of photos taken by Laura. She doesn’t even like beer and she went for a visit!

History and Drinking

First we learn a bit of history…


Then we get to see where all the magic happens…


And then we get to the good stuff, watching old people drink.


Okay, maybe not… here, let’s try this instead. Picture yourself waiting in line here, just waiting for an ice cold, delicious beer. This man is going to pour you one, but you need to be patient first and wait your turn.


Closer and closer…. deeper and deeper. Look at these glass vessels overflowing with white, foamy goodness. You can also feel it gently coating your throat as it slides down into your stomach.


Annnddd, the money shot. Here we go… this is you (or rather, it could be) drinking this delicious ice cold beer.

the-heineken-experience-amsterdam09The only question is, why aren’t you doing this yourself? Book a damn flight already. You know, that Europe trip you’ve been saving for when you’re older, because “Europe isn’t going anywhere”? That’s true, but your body? Well… it’s going to wear out, you’re going to get old, and then you won’t be doing a whole lot of anything, especially in Europe… especially at the Heineken Experience.




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