The Five Dress Shoes Every Man Should Have

There are times when shoes can make or break an outfit for men. It is always good to have a pair or two of dress shoes for those formal events that cannot be avoided. For some men, choosing the right dress shoe may seem daunting. Fortunately, only five different dress shoes are perfect for those looking to upgrade their shoes. 

The Black Leather Oxford

The Black Leather Oxford is the perfect men’s dress shoe because it is simple and sleek. It fits the brief for all formal events, from weddings to job interviews. 

These shoes are often made with box calf leather, and there should not be any broguing, which is any ornamentation, heavy perforations, or pinkings. Typically, Black Leather Oxfords are worn with business suits or any other type of professional attire. They are not suitable for more casual outfits that incorporate jeans or khakis.

The Brown Leather Brogue

Initially created in Scotland, the Brown Leather Brogue traditionally has perforations in the upper areas of the shoe, giving it the character that plain dress shoes miss.

These brogues from Browns Shoes are versatile but should not be worn with darker suits because of their color. They are also less formal than the Oxford shoe but usually can be worn in a work setting that may have a more casual dress code.

The Slip-On Suede Loafer

The slip-on suede loafer is probably the least formal shoe on this list. It is laceless but usually has a more elegant design that makes them incredibly versatile in style.

These shoes are popular during the cold months since they were initially created to wear sockless and are great at keeping feet warm. Because these shoes are more casual, they pair best with more business casual outfits. There are chances of dressing up the shoe if they are wearing a light-weight linen suit, or a button-down shirt and chinos are also a good option for the slip-on loafers.

The Leather Lace-Up Boot

The next shoe every man should have in their closet is the leather lace-up boot. These boots can be rugged or dressy, making them another versatile option. These boots will complement almost any outfit and are ideal for handling any weather. They also come in three options: leather brogue boots, lace-up leather boots, and Chelsea boots.

Leather brogue boots look great with jeans or suit pants. They can be dressy or casual. Lace-up leather boots are a more popular option, but they are also a more casual option. The Chelsea boots are another slip-on, like a loafer, and have elastic around the ankle to make them comfortable and flexible. They can be worn in the office or for a night out.

The Wholecut Leather Shoe

The final shoe on this list is considered a wildcard. The wholecut leather shoe may not be the most functional dress shoe, but they are stylish.

They are elegant shoes with a narrow shape and a smooth surface with clean lines since they are made from a singular piece of leather. Being of higher quality, no one should wear these shoes in a casual setting. Save these shoes for significant formal events, the ones that require black ties. They are also known for lasting many years because of their high quality. This means that they are also the most expensive shoe option, but sometimes buying a good pair of dress shoes is an investment, and getting a pair that will last longer than cheaper ones will save someone money.

Every man should choose the right shoe for their specific needs.




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