The Eco-Friendly Californian: Why Selling Your Junk Car Matters

California boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country. From its stunning beaches and picturesque coastlines to its majestic mountaintops and arid deserts, the state is a wonderland for nature lovers. However, many owners of junk cars are worried about how to dispose of them in a way that is kind to the environment. For them, who they sell their junk car to is of utmost importance.

Eco-Friendly Ways To Sell Your Junk Car

As the tide turns towards green energy and sustainability, some owners of older, difficult-to-sell cars are concerned about how to sell them and, more specifically, what happens to them after they’ve unburdened themselves. Some less ethical owners of unwanted or unusable vehicles may have them hauled to a landfill or, worse, will simply abandon them in a quiet location. Both of these methods of disposal are harmful to the environment and aren’t recommended, no matter how difficult a vehicle is to sell.

California has some of the strictest vehicle emissions standards in the country. While this is a step towards creating a better environment for residents and visitors, it can be a costly problem for the owners of older junk cars. Many of these vehicles have difficulty passing the state’s Smog Check inspection, so for some, it not only makes financial sense to dispose of their air-polluting vehicles, but it’s also good for the environment to remove them from the streets.

Donate It to a Charity

Many owners of junk cars who are interested in doing the right thing rather than looking to make a profit decide to donate them to charity. This “feel good” way to help the less fortunate while also removing a vehicle that’s harmful to the environment from California roads is a great way to do your part to get rid of your junk car in an eco-friendly manner.

The added benefit of donating a difficult-to-sell vehicle to charity is the opportunity to use the donation as a tax deduction. Once the charity sells your vehicle, you’ll receive a document that you can use to lower your tax burden.

Sell It to a Specialized Dealer

The most profitable way to sell a junk car ethically is to sell it to a specialized junk car dealer. Despite years of use, high mileage, and costly but necessary repairs, a specialized junk car dealer will come to you and haul it away. These businesses will pay more than a scrapyard will, and most will tow your bomber away within 24 hours. It’s the effortless way to sell a less-than-desirable vehicle.

Southern California residents can get cash for junk cars in San Bernardino by selling them to a specialized dealer. Despite high mileage, advanced age, or required costly repairs, junk car dealers will come and tow them away while leaving their owners with more cash than other selling strategies would provide.

Scrap It at a Junkyard

To ensure that your junk car doesn’t end up polluting the environment while rotting away either in your backyard or in a landfill, an option is to sell it for scrap at a junk or scrap yard. These businesses see the value in junk cars in the usable components and scrap metal they can harvest from them. You may have to tow your junker to them if it’s not running, but most yards will accept any type of junk car. Don’t expect top dollar, but this is an ethical way of disposing of a junk car and still walking away with some extra cash in your pocket.

Eco-Friendly Disposal of California Junk Cars: The Bottom Line

Once your used vehicle becomes too costly to repair, many eco-friendly Californians are confused about the best way to dispose of it. Leaving it to rot in your backyard is not only an eyesore, but it could potentially be leaking gasoline, motor oil, and other toxic substances that could harm people, pets, and, most importantly, the environment.

Selling a junk car to a California-specialized dealer solves this problem. They’ll come to you, haul it away, and pay you more than you probably expected. Rather than disposing of it in unethical or environmentally harmful ways, simply contact a junk car dealer.




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