The Credit Card Crunch – Comparing Cards, Using Wisely

In today’s world it seems as if you’ve got to have a credit card for everything. If you want to rent a car, a hotel room, or any sort of reservation. Hell, my cellphone company asks for a credit card just to use their automatic bill pay service and my apartment agency treats cash like an AIDs patient in the 80’s.  So, given the inevitable march towards the reign of plastic and the necessity of carrying it, I figured I’d try to use a card that fits me.

Now navigating the realm of cash backs, balance transfers, and all the rest is not something that interests me. Hell, I’d rather read any Ayn Rand novel (Yes, even The Fountainhead) than deal with slogging through all the different credit card companies.  If only there were some group brave enough to face the rigors of the Market and its mysterious ways! Well as it so happens, the good folks over at Totally Money have decided to do it for us.

While I know for some of us that the word “totally” conjures up an image of the 90’s skater, or proto-bro if you will, they are in fact totally awesome. Not only do they offer an online comparison tool that involves UK Financial products ranging from mortgages to credit cards, they offer it to you for free. Their tools make it easy to determine who gives greater cash rewards, or who offers a better balance transfer scheme if you’re looking to consolidate your debt.

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Now as a matter of responsibility I must warn you about credit card debt. After all, I am an American and we know a bit about it. I would suggest you don’t sign up for more than 2 cards, unless you especially enjoy mortgaging your entire future. I would also suggest paying off the balance, or as near to it as you can manage, every month.  Just paying the minimum is likely to stretch out the amount owed on the principal several times if you’re not careful.  Now with that, go and be secure in the knowledge that you can now rent a car!

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