The Best Software for Photographers

The right tools can change the way you perform as a photographer. Whether you’re just getting started with photography as a hobby or you’ve been taking photos professionally for years, you need the right programs to grow your skills. There are so many different tools on the market today geared at photographers, it’s hard to know where to begin. From editing tools to 3D modeling, it can be downright overwhelming to choose the right tools. Here are the best photography software for expanding your skills if you want to be a serious photographer.

The Nik Collection by Google

Google shocked the photography world in 2016 when it offered its image editing suite entirely for free. The Nik Collection is a powerful online photo editor at no cost. The collection has plugins, color editing, sharpening, and definition tools for editing images before final production. If you’re new to photo editing or you want to keep costs low, the Nik Collection is a great free option with powerful tools despite the nonexistent price tag. While there is no way to replace a high-quality editor with advanced features, there’s a reason this Collection is so well-known by photographers and graphic designers alike. Stay tuned in the next few months as Google plans to release a newer version in 2018!

Pixlr Editor

While Pixlr has a full online editor, it really excels because of its powerful mobile app. PIxlr App has features similar to photoshop for creating images all in the palm of your hand. Pixlr is available on both iOS and Android, and it’s one of the best graphic design tools for smartphone editing. If you’re creating images for social media, Pixlr comes packed with the right presets and dimensions so you can make the most of your editing experience. Its photography editor includes color correction, overlays, and more.


Some industries require photographers to make 3D models or technical markups of real things. You need a powerful tool to break down this process for you so you can make accurate models. PhotoModeler is the leading 3D builder that makes it easy to create realistic CAD models of your photos. PhotoModeler has helped photographers around the world push the boundaries of their creative skills. To learn how this powerful tool works, click here: PhotoModeler – How It Works for an in-depth guide.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is the most well-known tool for photographers. This Adobe staple combines all the most powerful photography editing features of Photoshop all in one software. Lightroom does have a steep learning curve, so it’s not ideal for beginners just starting with photo editing. That being said, it’s well-worth learning the ins and outs of Lightroom as a serious photographer. Lightroom have presets, advanced editing, color correction, and organizational tools all in one place. The latest Adobe Suite subscription package includes one specifically for photographers offering both Photoshop and Lightroom at a discounted price.


For a combination of photography and graphic design features all in one place, Canva is hard to beat. This free program has plenty of presets and templates specifically designed for photographers. With color correction, overlays, and preset options, you can resolve basic photography edits while also creating gorgeous designs. Canva also has a mobile app for editing on the go, and you can add other users to a single team for group editing.

Photography Software

There are a lot of photography tools and software available for all levels of photographers nowadays. Whether you’re trying to get your feet wet with a new program like Instasize, or you’re ready for advanced features from a software suite like Photoshop, there is something for you. Modern technology means photographers can now edit photos not only on their computers but also on their smartphones! All of the software above are perfect for increasing your skills as a photographer!



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