The Benefits of Premium Vintage Area Rugs

What is an area rug?

Quite simply, an area rug is a rug that covers an area of your flooring. Although, while the idea of an area rug may be quite simple, what it brings is far more than that. Rugs often lend themselves to hard surface floors such as laminate, hardwood, or even tile. For a seating area where there is soft furniture, surrounded by pulpy cushions, having a surface below them with an equal or greater balminess can compliment the feel of that area greatly. That’s where an area rug comes in.

Style in substance

Picking the right rug requires intuition. When selecting among the various shapes, sizes, patterns and materials in a good premium rug, you want the space to feel grounded once it slides underneath your center ornaments.

While the rug brings more than just comfort and feel, having a good anchoring sentiment about the rug can hold its surroundings together without being connected to most of them. In a living room, you want it to feel… lively. Having a vintage rug in the heart of the room can soothe all the ongoing chaotic energy into one greatly calm space. When you find the right rug for you, it just feels right.

Searing in summer

Carpet is of course a lot smoother and less brisk than a hardwood floor that you can slide across, but is also quite warm, mainly due to its exceptionally good insulating properties. When you step your bare feet off that hardwood floor, and onto a lovely and soft rug, it feels just like returning to your bed after a trip abroad or an excruciatingly long day. Like a bed just for your feet. It’s not a luxury that everyone can afford, particularly with the more idiosyncratic vintage rugs, but having such an object in your feet’s grasp is a luxury that is hard to further go on through life without.

Solace in stress

Having some place to relax, where the world seems to stop and the stars align is hard to find. However, you potentially stop looking, and build this space yourself from the ground up with a premium vintage rug. How? Rugs don’t carry sound that well, and are a lot quieter to walk on. It absorbs sound from the air within the room, making it feel more homey.

Not only that, but the soft endearing touch of a good premium rug takes the pressure off, and the stress out of your body with every strand that connects to your skin. Lay your whole body down on it for the full effect.

Where can I get such a premium rug?

Feel free to check out one of the most premium of all of the premium vintage rug sellers, where a plethora of collections are present, just waiting to be explored. Lawrence of La Brea sounds classy, because it truly is. Whether you’re more of an antique and retro kind of guy who fancies a classic Serapi; perhaps a little more traditional with a Turkish Medalion, or even a connoisseur for a more modern Afghan Weave, there is certainly a rug to match the grooves in your feet.

Not only are these very stylish, but they exude comfort too. These joyful patterns and gracious rugs take up the empty space in a room, and fill it with warm woollen life. They’re unique. One-of-a-kind. Completely handmade, and absolutely worth the price tag when the detail in the decoration is a must.



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