Stealth Belt – Anti-Theft Magnetic Belt

We’ve all been in a situation while traveling, where we have been pick-pocketed or at least someone has attempted to steal our wallets. Designed to keep your most important items safe, the Stealth Belt by Alpaka is an anti-theft belt made for travelers. The Stealth Belt has two hidden compartments to keep things like extra cash or an extra key hidden, in case someone does steal your wallet. The Stealth Belt not only has these compartments, but it has a German designed magnetic Fidlock buckle, which allows you to buckle and unbuckle easily, in case of a bathroom emergency. This Fidlock buckle is also easy to manage during security checks at airports, allowing you to buckle up faster than regular belts. The pull tab used to unbuckle the belt also functions as a nano-SIM card holder and a SIM slot pin. The belt includes a designated key holder to keep all of your keys organized.

The belt is also extremely stretchable and available in three sizes to fit sizes 28-56, which means no unnecessary extra holes need to made in those leather belts and no more overhang of belts. And unlike those other belts, these belts are meant to last and will not wear down. They can be washed and the buckle is rust proof and durable.

The Stealth Belt also functions as a travel belt system. The belt includes modular add-ons to make traveling even easier, while you carry your important items close to you. You can add on a titanium multi-tool carabiner, which fits right onto the keyholder, a Stealth pouch, and a magnetic card holder. The titanium multi-tool carabiner functions as a bottle opener, wrench, Phillips screwdriver, ruler, and flat head screwdriver. The Stealth Pouch can hold your passport, pen, powerbank, and phone. The magnetic card holder is perfect for holding Ids and your metro card, while you travel.

You can back this project on and get your Stealth Belt for $25 or get the complete travel set for $65.



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