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One of my first jobs out of college, over the summer, was at a JoAnn’s fabrics superstore. This was not just a quilter’s paradise, but a place where tons of craft supplies were available. Because I worked there over the summer, there were always holiday displays. My boss explained to me that because crafters needed to work way ahead of time, seasonal displays always went out incredibly early.

I started to work there in June and all the seasonal displays related to pool parties and Fourth of July. Amazingly, on July 5th, the displays all shifted. Back to School dominated, and just a few aisles back, Christmas started to creep in. When people have complained that Christmas displays start too early in stores, I always thought about how early crafters, quilters, sewers, and other makers had to get started on holiday gifts.

So if you’re looking to put out cards and plan parties for the winter holiday season, you should probably have gotten started a month ago. Basic Invites can help you with everything you need.

Classic Christmas Cards

Not a fan of sending Christmas cards? 2020 might just change your mind. Sending cards during Christmas is a great way to keep in touch with the people in your lives in a normal year, but keeping up connections is even more important right now. A glimmer of hope is something to be celebrated in this ridiculous year, so why not get started now, gathering addresses and planning mailings. Basic Invites has modern holiday cards to help you ring in the season. The company also features totally free tools to collect addresses, making your card sending a cinch. Mailing cards is also a great way to support the United States Postal Service. How very 2020.

Holiday cards with photos

Want to show off your adorable children on your holiday cards? I mean, showing off my kid is the entire reason I started to send holiday cards. Basic Invites has Christmas card designs that are ideal for showing off your family. Basic Invites has foil features in gold, silver, and rose gold. Foil details on invitations can also be made flat or raised. If you think people love seeing your kids’ faces on social media, they love cards even more.

And just a note on behalf of local family photographers — be sure you book your holiday photo sessions ASAP. Many of them have been suffering from pandemic economy, and so their schedules are sure to be filling up all throughout the fall. They surely want to photograph your family, so be sure to book early. For some inspiration, check out Central Florida-based studio Too Cute Photography.

Planning holiday parties

Haven’t started planning and troubleshooting your big holiday bash yet? You had better get cracking. While big crowds might not be the safest bet, there are lots of alternatives you can put into place to still celebrate. Basic Invites has 180 different colors to choose from on invitations and 40 colors for envelopes. Take some hassle out of your holiday party by ordering a paper sample from Basic Invite, ensuring that your order comes out exactly as you’d expect.

No excuses needed: if you need a little Christmas, right this very minute, don’t let anything hold you back. Start planning, make yourself happy, make others happy. And don’t feel even a little bit ashamed for it. Even better, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51. Ring the bells! The holiday planning season has begun.




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  1. i have been trying to do my Birthday and Christmas shopping but and even a new bed as the wife and have not had a bed for over a year and no one will help me I am the Man of the home and family but a small group of people decided I was frightened of money so there say so decided to keep it back from me so I could have a future. But I have to live day by day as no one knows what is around the corner my best friend who we were out with two weeks ago he is dead now so what does that tell you to live for today.


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