The St. Louis Chinese Fusion: Panda Express Chinese Spare Ribs

Warning: this article may cause an immediate craving for meat. Not just any meat. Proceed with caution!

American Chinese food is one of my favorites. The steaming multidimensional dishes are the ultimate definition of comfort.  Whether you are taking it out for a night with the girlfriend in front of the TV or sitting down with the family for a much needed catch up session, it complements the setting in every way..

That’s why I am excited to share exciting news coming from Panda Express: Panda Express Chinese Spare Ribs bringing together the best of Chinese Char Siu Barbecue with American slow-cooked St. Louis-style spare ribs. This fusion dish is great to try as spring arrives and especially during the summer get-togethers. 

Yes, Panda Express, an iconic Chinese food favourite in America for decades, is celebrating the fun months from Spring to Summer with this mouthwatering offering for a limited time. The premium high-quality ribs are inspired by Chinese BBQ Flavors. Think of it this way. If the sweet and spicy Char Siu Barbeque and the tender and juicy American slow-cooked St. Louis-style spare ribs had a love child, it will be The Panda Express Chinese Spare Ribs.

This delicious East-meets-West deliciousness was created by expert Chef Andy Kao and his culinary team, who has been with Panda Express for over 30 years. Together they have put a Casual Contemporary spin on a classic dish to make it even more food-gasmic.

While the deliciousness of the Panda Express Spare Ribs are enough make you run to your nearest Panda Express, be reminded that the best thing about Chinese food is that it is meant to be shared. Bring your family, friends, and loved ones to get your fill. This dish is sure to make even the most picky of eaters grab seconds.

You can learn more about this fantastic dish on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is also a lot of DIY inspiration from their Pinterest boards. Or you can get off the couch, stop salivating all over the screen, and just place a Order Online for Panda Express Spare Ribs, NOW.


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