Sports You Can Have A Little More Fun With

Sports, you either love them or you hate them. Or you think they’re good activities to get on with, but you’re just not sure if you could commit or even be properly interested by them. That means you never quite get involved in a good fitness regime, despite the stress debunking and fun free running time a lot of them have. So, to give sports a fair chance, we’re going to need to find some fun activities for us normal nay sayers, who don’t look like the pros, to try out.

‘What could that consist of though?’ you ask. Maybe we just get turned off by thinking about anything more than the game we see on at the bar or invite our friends round to watch with us, but there’s quite a few options for you out there. If you’re looking to get in shape but have a lot of fun with it at the same time, here’s a few ideas for you to sink your sneakers and workout clothes into.

Give Skateboarding a Go

It seems like a bit of a gimmick, but skateboarding is a long term involved sport due to the amount of creative freedom in trying to make tricks and the accompanying health benefits, which are in fact numerous. Having fun doesn’t mean you’re not doing your body a good service!

Skateboarding is a good calorie burner most of all, as you’re using your whole body on a board. Depending on how hard you skate each session will dictate the amount of calories you do in fact use up, but it’s this versatility that makes it so popular amongst health fanatics. This and the fun and addicting element that’s innate in skateboarding means we stick at it for longer, often choosing to skate for hours on end and hanging out all day at a skatepark.

Trying out some tricks is even better for our health, despite the risk of falling on our backsides and grazing something pretty badly. There’s so much of your body involved in a some really simple ones to master, such as body slides and nollies. Check out some good skateboards on sale and buy yourself a whole new experience in one. It’s gruelling work, but you’ll be grinding out those Ollies in no time!

Simply Go Swimming

Water is not only healthy for your organs, but it ]works well in a fitness regime as well. Swimming is one of the easiest and relaxing sports to get a hold of, and is a good life skill to have. If you can swim, you’ve opened up a whole new route of both travel and career opportunities, and it’s extremely good for your health at the same time. Think of all those bonuses and put your speedos on.

Swimming helps both cardio health and is good strength training, as having the stamina to stay in the water for hours at a time is necessary to stay afloat and keep at your full body training scheme. Overall, swimming works all of your muscles at once, and you can even spend less time in the water as you’ll be working harder than you would on land. Cut down on your hour running time to about 45 minutes when you hit the swimming pool.

Swimming is also a good social sport, as it can be done in local swimming centers as well as the great outdoors. Invite your friends along so you can race, have splash parties in between, and make sure you pack your goggles for the serious underwater time you’ll have when it comes to making lengths and widths.

Give Ultimate Frisbee a Chance

It can be funny to watch and fun to take part in, but the name ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ does turn a few people away. However, taking a common picnicking activity and pushing it to the edge means we’re more likely to stay at it and indulge in it a little more often than sports that take some heavier commitment.

When you’re playing a competitive round of frisbee like this, you’re going to be constantly on the move to catch the frisbee and keep it out of the other team’s hands. Similarly, this amount of necessary agility will be built up quickly by a few games in a row, and that means it’s an easy sport to commit to if you’re a bit of a perfectionist.

Your legs are going to feel the burn most of all, which is good for building up muscle and burning off the excess fat we don’t like looking down at. However, that doesn’t mean you arms are going to miss out, not when you need to catch quickly and throw as far as you can!

Try Your Hand at Tag Rugby

Rugby is a traditional contact sport, and that often puts people off. Who wants to be tackled 24/7 by guys who are bigger and stronger than you who won’t go easy on a beginner? So if you don’t fancy getting repeatedly shoved in the mud, but the idea of rugby (which is a fun competitive sport that gives you a lot of freedom and an esteem boost when you win) still wins you over, try out tag rugby.

You can often find clubs dedicated to these kinds of sports, so if you’re thinking of taking it up, be sure to look into that option. You can have free boasting rights if you manage to snag a tag off a few enemy players on your first round, meaning your team wins the game with the most points! Remember that it’s all in the name of good sportsmanship however; what a good first impression to make.

Sports can be fun after all! Don’t put them aside because other things you want to get up to are more interesting; try to include them in your schedule alongside your usual habits. It won’t cost you much and you’ll love the new and improved shape you’ll get into because of it.



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