Should You Move to Midway, FL?

Considering a move to Midway, FL, is an important decision that requires careful evaluation of various factors. Midway, FL, is a city that may pique your interest. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of Midway, FL, and help you determine if it could be the right place for you to move to.

Location and Geography

Midway is a small city in Gadsden County, Florida, United States. Situated in the Panhandle region of the state, Midway enjoys proximity to several major cities, including Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, which is approximately 15 miles away.


The climate in Midway is characterized by hot and humid summers and mild winters. The region experiences abundant sunshine throughout the year, making it an appealing destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

Housing Market

The housing market in Midway offers a variety of options for residents. Whether you are looking for a cozy single-family home or a modern apartment, you can find options that suit your needs and budget. The cost of housing in Midway is generally affordable compared to larger cities in Florida.

Cost of Living

One of the advantages of moving to Midway is its relatively low cost of living. The cost of housing, utilities, and groceries in Midway is generally more affordable compared to the state average. This makes it an attractive choice for individuals and families looking to stretch their budgets.


Midway is served by the Gadsden County School District, which educates students in the area. The district offers a range of public schools, including elementary, middle, and high schools. Additionally, there are private school options available for those seeking alternative education.

Employment Opportunities

Midway’s proximity to Tallahassee opens up various employment opportunities. Many residents commute to Tallahassee for work, where they can find employment in government, education, healthcare, and other industries. The growing job market in Tallahassee can be advantageous for those considering a move to Midway.

Recreation and Entertainment

Midway offers a range of recreational activities and entertainment options. The city is located near beautiful natural areas, such as Lake Talquin State Forest, which provides opportunities for hiking, fishing, and boating. Additionally, Midway is within driving distance of Florida’s Gulf Coast, allowing residents to enjoy the beach and water activities.

Healthcare Facilities

Access to quality healthcare is an essential aspect to consider when relocating. Midway is situated near several medical facilities and hospitals in Tallahassee, ensuring that residents have access to comprehensive healthcare services.

Safety and Crime Rate

Safety is a top priority for anyone considering a move to a new city. Midway has a relatively low crime rate compared to national averages, offering a sense of security to its residents. However, it is always recommended to research specific neighborhoods and consult local law enforcement for the latest crime statistics.


Midway is well-connected through various transportation options. The Tallahassee International Airport is conveniently located nearby, providing easy access to domestic and international flights. The city also has well-maintained roadways, making commuting within Midway and to surrounding areas hassle-free.

Community and Culture

Midway has a close-knit community and a vibrant culture. The city hosts various community events, festivals, and cultural activities throughout the year. Residents can engage in community initiatives and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of Midway.

Pros of Moving to Midway, FL

  • Affordable housing options
  • Proximity to Tallahassee’s job market
  • Access to recreational activities and natural areas
  • Relatively low cost of living
  • Strong sense of community

Cons of Moving to Midway, FL

  • Limited employment opportunities within Midway itself
  • Summers can be hot and humid
  • Limited options for higher education within Midway
  • Some amenities may require a short drive to nearby cities

Should You Move to Midway, FL

Should you move to Midway, FL? Moving to a new city is a significant decision, and considering the advantages of relocating to Midway, FL, is worth exploring. Midway offers a range of benefits for individuals and families looking for a new place to call home. 

With its affordable housing options, proximity to employment opportunities in nearby Tallahassee, and access to recreational activities and natural areas, Midway, FL, provides a desirable living environment. Whether you’re seeking a lower cost of living or a strong sense of community, moving to Midway, FL, can be a positive choice for those looking for a fresh start.

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