Should You Grow A Beard? Here Are Five Pros and Cons

Beards seem to be all the rage these days, thanks to the hipster fashion trends that have made their way from New York City to small town America. With more and more men growing beards – and enjoying more attention from the ladies as a result – even avowed clean cut guys are considering letting their facial hair grow out.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not the fuzzy faced look is for you, here are five pros and cons to consider when you’re debating ditching the razor for good.

PRO: Chicks Dig It

Two-thirds of women report that they prefer a man with facial hair. A whopping 82% of women say that they find bearded men to be more masculine than their clean cut counterparts. The “beard craze” seems to still be going strong with women; from beards to “man buns,” women lusting after a more hipster aesthetic doesn’t seem to be a trend that’s going away anytime soon.

CON: You Might Suck At It

You’re a man. Hence, you should be able to grow a beard without even trying, right? Well, not necessarily. Nearly half of all men claim that they experience bald patches and uneven hair growth when trying to grow out their beards. In fact, hair transplants aren’t just for your head anymore. More men are undergoing “beard transplants.” Since 2004, the rate of beard transplants has grown by an astonishing 600%.

PRO: You’ll Just Seem More Manly

As stated above, there are now more women who like beards than women who don’t. The reason for this is pretty obvious: Beards are seen as a symbol of masculinity and virility. If you’re not the world’s most buff guy or the best athlete in your squad, growing a beard can give you a cheap and easy ego boost in the masculinity department. In essence, it’s like hitting the cheat code on looking like a manly dude.

CON: You Won’t Look Wealthy

Beards make you look manly, but don’t expect them to make you look debonaire. A shocking 98% of men on the list of Forbes Most Wealthy are clean cut. In the upper echelon of the finance and business world, the clean cut look is generally seen as ideal. So if your goal is to look masculine and attract women, a beard could be the best choice. But if you work in the corporate world, you might run the risk of your boss confusing you for the coffee delivery guy.

PRO: You’ll Be Happier

Over half of bearded men report that they feel more confident with a face full of hair. Furthermore, the average clean cut guy spends about 140 days of his life shaving. If you want to feel more chipper and reduce the amount of time you spend nicking yourself in front of a foggy bathroom mirror, growing a beer might be your best bet.

Consider these pros and cons before growing out that beard. Remember, not all men can pull of the bearded look. But if it suits your face, you might enjoy more female attention and an overall happier attitude.




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