Scarlet Red and Splash Blue 320 GB PS3 Slim Consoles

Scarlet Red Sony Playstation 3 Slim

Earlier this year Sony showed us the sweet looking Silver PlayStation 3 Slim, now they’ve introduced two more colorful version of the ever popular PS3.  The two new colors are bright red and blue, officially called Scarlet Red and Splash Blue 320 GB PS3 Slim Consoles.

Just like the silver version, these colorful PS3’s have no added features other than bright colors (with a matching controller), but they do look quite good compared to the plain looking black PS3 slim.  The colorful PS3’s will go on sale in Japan on November 17, 2011 and will have a price of ¥29,980 (approximately $392 US at today’s exchange rate).

No word yet on whether they’ll be available in the rest of the world and more importantly, in North America.  And to rub a bit of salt on the wound, the special edition white PS3 slim will go on sale in Australia and Europe on November 1, 2011 (again, this one’s not available in North America).

Splash Blue Sony Playstation 3 Slim




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6 comments on “Scarlet Red and Splash Blue 320 GB PS3 Slim Consoles”

  1. if these red, white and blue PS3 are the release date colors and then the Black PS3 will be due to release this holiday then the best color to say is black! Black is the best color for a console or any electronic device as its sleeker and decent looking and black matches its environment. Red looks like very plastic unless on glossy finish. Blue is nice looking though it depends on what shade of blue and best for matte finish. White is very generic, it looks like a prototype of something from the actual plus the yelowing issues. Black is ZEN. It matches everything, best for glossy or matte, and black shows value.

  2. ive seen both and by judging them, the Splash Blue PS3 is better than the red one. the red is very different from that picture. it looks crappy in person.


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