Savoring Whiskey the Right Way: Alex Kogan’s Guide to Enjoying Every Drop

There’s a fine line between the ordinary and the extraordinary in the world of whiskey. But what if this line could be savored with every sip? What if each drop of whiskey wasn’t just about the burn or the buzz but a journey that unfolds a story? The World Whiskey Society (WWS) is that storyteller and Alex Kogan? Well, he’s the sage we didn’t know we needed.

“Whiskey isn’t just a drink,” Kogan says with a  smirk, “It’s a riddle waiting to be solved with every swig. The trick is in knowing how to ask the right questions.”

In the hallowed halls of WWS, answers are not merely spoken. They are offered in amber, with high-proof offerings that don’t just hint but scream of the grain’s spirit. And while many might shy away, fearing the intense burn, Kogan sees it as an art.

“Undiluted whiskey provides a robust and unparalleled flavor profile. It’s like attending a concert, where each note is crystal clear,” he reflects.

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But what does it take to create such a symphony in a bottle? “It’s all in the details,” Kogan says, pointing to the meticulously hand-applied labels on their bottles. Custom work like these labels isn’t just for aesthetics. It signifies a brand’s commitment to quality and originality.

“Our limited releases are a testament to our unwavering dedication to the craft,” he adds, “They’re not merely beverages; they’re experiences.”

For novices, embarking on a whiskey journey can feel overwhelming, especially considering the vast range of choices. Fortunately, Kogan has some tips to unlock the liquor’s labyrinth, and everyone’s first sip is as exquisite as the next.

“Start with a swirl. Let the whiskey breathe. Then, inhale. The aroma is your introduction, a preview of the tale that awaits,” Kogan says.

The key here lies in the subtleties—the slight differences between a 10-year-old Doc Holliday Straight Bourbon and the evocative KY Straight Whiskey Bourbon Whiskey Finished in a Port Barrel. It’s in discerning the sweet from the smoky, the floral from the peaty.

Interestingly, Kogan adds that a splash of water might feel counterintuitive, but it can make all the difference. “A little water can release some water-repellent elements in the glass, allowing you to detect more aromas. Also, since this lowers the alcohol content, you might discern more flavors.”

The WWS whiskey collection is as impressive and exhilarating as the man behind the brand. The Society has curated three special collections: Classic, Reserve, and Diamond. Each collection caters to different palates, providing diverse flavors and styles.

To start, the Classic Collection is designed for those who appreciate the timeless tradition of whiskey. This collection features a wide variety of whiskeys, from 10 YO Straight Bourbon finished in Cognac Barrels to the KY Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in Mizunara Barrel. Each bears its unique character, allowing whiskey enthusiasts to explore different styles and flavors.

The Reserve Collection, on the other hand, showcases the creativity and innovation of the World Whiskey Society. It includes exquisite limited edition whiskeys, such as the 32 YO Single Malt Whiskey, distilled at the McCallan Distillery and finished in exotic barrels, adding a layer of complexity to their profiles.

The Diamond Collection is the pinnacle of the World Whiskey Society’s offerings. It features rare and unique spirits from around the globe, including the XO Cognac finished in Mizunara Barrel, representing the height of craftsmanship. These are the bottles that tell the most compelling stories, the ones that are truly works of art.

But brace yourself if you think you’ve got a handle on what WWS currently offers. Kogan spills the beans on the upcoming releases, and they promise to be a riveting chapter in the WWS saga. “Our 32 YO Strathmill Single Malt and 32 YO Aultmore Single Malt are not just drinks. They’re history in a glass.”

However, the intrigue doesn’t end there. With whispers of a 12 YO KY Straight Bourbon finished in an Oloroso Sherry Barrel, it’s clear that the World Whiskey Society is not resting on its laurels. “Evolution is essential. We’re constantly searching for the next best pour,” Kogan declares.

To sum it up? Whiskey is not merely about aging; it’s about maturing. It’s understanding that while time might create a great drink, it’s passion, expertise, and an undying commitment to the craft that transforms it into an elixir.

In the words of Alex Kogan, “Whiskey is a journey. And at the World Whiskey Society, we’re just getting started.” So, the next time you pour yourself a dram, remember: It’s not just whiskey; it’s a world waiting to be explored. Cheers to that!



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