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Samsung has been the leading product innovators on the market introducing technology to compete with. They’ve got smart phones, smart TVs, laptops, appliances, and now an Air Dresser for your clothes. The Air Dresser cleans and freshens clothes in 4 different ways – airing, steaming, drying, and purifying. The Air Dresser looks like a narrow closet with a mirrored front. It can fit into any space without looking tasteless and functions as both clothes cleaner and your personal mirror.

Inside, there are three special hangers which allow garments to be hanged to be cleaned from both the inside and outside. Through the Jet Air System and Air Hangers, air and steam are sprayed onto the different garments from the top to bottom to get rid of any dust or odor. The Air Dresser can get rid of 99 percent of dust in clothing in 25 minutes. There’s also an appliance filtration mechanism that removes dust and contaminants so they don’t get onto the next batch of clothes to be cleaned. The Jet Steam system eliminates many common and harmful bacteria, which washing machines are not able to do without using special detergent. The Heatpump Drying dries your clothes at a low temperature to reduce shrinking and heat damage of your delicate clothes.

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With the companion app SmartThings, you can get recommendations on different cleaning programs for different types of garments. The Air Dresser can also vary the air flow force depending on the material being cleaned. Through the app, the user can also get notifications on when clothes are ready to be taken out and also when the filter needs to be replaced.

This new standard of clothing care can help to revitalize and refresh your clothes on a daily basis. People can take better care of their clothes, especially if they are more delicate. With this Air Dresser, trips to the dry cleaner are no longer needed. You can have peace of mind that your clothes are not only clean but sanitized and dust free, helping you live a healthier lifestyle. The Air Dresser cost ranges from $1550 to $1770.



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