Roller Derby Kisses — The Many Shades of Bruised Roller Derby Butts

Roller derby is one of those sports that you think would be civilized; in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a sport of strong, passionate women, often duking it out on the roller arena. They play hard, and sometimes they give each other kisses… butt kisses. Not the good kind, though.

Roller Derby Kisses

Roller derby kisses are how roller derby ladies affectionately refer to the massive bruises they give each other. When someone gets walloped on her roller derby butt, well… she’s been given a roller derby kiss. In fact this is so common that artist Riikka Hyvönen decided to express this in her paintings of the same title.

Here she is showing off her work.

And now we get to see some majorly sore roller derby butts. These mixed media pieces are great in their use of bold colors and soft, simple… oh, who am I kidding? You’re here for the roller derby butts.

What’s the worst bruise you’ve ever had? Did you get it doing something awesome, or is your store one of those embarrassing “I walked into a goal post” kind of deals? Something that’s totally, absolutely, never happened to me.



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