Dyson V7 Vacuum for Cars + Boats, Reviewed

I never thought I’d be the type to buy a vacuum cleaner made specifically for a car. You see, my last car was a beater. I bought it used, and I’m pretty sure it had a few different owners before I graced its driver’s seat. It wasn’t in great shape when I purchased it, but it got me from Point A to Point B, so that was fine with me for a good long time.

The car was already pretty beat up and I was pretty young, so keeping it clean wasn’t much of a priority for me. It wasn’t until I was a little older and living and working on my own that I realized the value of keeping my belongings and work area clean and organized.

The Right Tool for the Job

I’ve been driving the same car for the past few years now, taking care of it as best I can, but when it comes time to give it a good clean, it’s never a pleasant experience. The vacuum I had been using was clunky and not designed for cleaning all the fidgety areas of a car. So I decided to do something about it and put the Dyson V7 Car + Boat handheld vacuum cleaner through its paces.

First Impressions of the Dyson

I knew I needed a small vacuum cleaner to get the job done right, and given my prior experiences with Dyson, they were the obvious choice. Upon unboxing the little V7, I could see that it was very sleek and modern for a vacuum – exactly what I needed. I charged it up for around half an hour of “fade-free suction.” (That’s on regular mode; the battery will last for around six minutes on Max suction mode.) before going to town on my car, filthy from weeks of time spent out of town running errands.

dyson car boat vacuum 2

It’s incredible how quickly a car can get dirty. I mean, like… really… please tell me how this happened.

dyson car boat vacuum 5

Did my passengers secretly fill their pockets with sand before getting into my car each time?

Portable + Powerful

Before I got back home, I drove my car through the car wash to get the exterior clean and then went to work with the Dyson to spiff up the inside. The digital motor is incredibly powerful for any vacuum, but especially so for a cord-free, handheld one. I was incredibly impressed with its suction power. I zipped over the seats with the spinning Mini Motorized Tool before popping it off and replacing it with the Rigid Crevice Tool to get into the cup holders and change compartment. Switching tools is as easy as pressing a button and snapping the next one into place.

A Different Take on Car Cleaning

As I cleaned the car, I found that what makes the Dyson V7 Car + Boat vacuum cleaner different is that it seems as though it was designed by someone who actually thought through how frustrating it is to attempt to vacuum a vehicle with a regular vacuum cleaner. The included extension hose makes it easy to reach into places that no vacuum could ever reach before (like that awkward space where the front windshield angles down to meet the dashboard – a spot where in order to drive me crazy last week, my buddy thought it would be funny to toss a single roasted peanut. It remained lodged there and the Dyson was finally able to retrieve it, much to my relief.).

dyson car boat vacuum 4

dyson car boat vacuum 3

All in all, I’ve found the Dyson V7 to be a powerful and well-thought-out little vacuum cleaner. At $349.99 CAD, so far it’s been worth every penny. Because it’s branded as a Car + Boat handheld vacuum cleaner, it’s clear what has to happen next: I have to get a boat!




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22 comments on “Dyson V7 Vacuum for Cars + Boats, Reviewed”

  1. As far as vacuum cleaners go, it’s pretty good. I didn’t love it or anything but I mean it was pretty good all in all. I like the design as well.

  2. I need one of those! My car is dirty all the time and I think that’d be awesome to own. How expensive is it though? You never said.

  3. my husband commented on here and I just wanted to comment and say i agree with him about this vaccuuum. It did a really good job clenaing our car.

  4. is there any other sites that can give me confirmation about the use of this for boats? I only want to get this if it can do my boat good. someone let me know!

  5. I liked your review, felt really honest man, I have got to buy one, my car is so dirty because there’s a construction around my house and the whole driveway is full of dirt and ashes, I have taken my car to the car wash so many times now, but last time they took some things out of my car so I haven’t taken it again, maybe now I’ll be able to do the work myself with this tool.

  6. A friend made a comment about this vacuum some time ago but I ignored it because I never thought I needed one, but now I’m really looking for a compact one because I’m doing a little side gig with Uber and my car now is getting so dirty, You have convinced me to buy this one, thanks a lot!

  7. Seems like a neat little machine, but I have a question, how’s the mechanism for taking out the dust after you have finished vacuuming? The one I have right now is a pain in the *** because It’s so badly designed, whenever you want to take the dust out of the vacuum, you end up spilling half of it on the ground. If this one has an easy way of doing so, I’m definitely buying it!

  8. I have never felt so hyped to buy a Vacuum cleaner before reading this post, your review was so funny and on point, I need to get one of those now!

  9. My husband’s vacuum cleaner got damaged by our son recently, I was looking for one in my area and they were all too big and expensive for what He needed, this one seems perfect for him, thanks for the review, I’ll be buying one as a gift for him soon 🙂

  10. Hey mate, do you know if there’s a way to get a bigger battery? I want to buy one now but you said the battery lasts about 6 mins on max and my truck would take some more time to get cleaned properly, thanks in advance.

  11. I saw this review yesterday and went to buy one right away, I gotta say, thank you man, this has to be one of the best compact vacuums I’ve had, god bless ya

  12. “Did my passengers secretly fill their pockets with sand before getting into my car each time?”
    Each time my kid’s friends get in the car, this is what I think hahaha, those kids leave the backseats like the playground, maybe this tool will help me fix that, the price seems a little steep as a one time payment but It should pay off in the long run, thanks for the review.

  13. How do you vacuum a boat? For real, how do you do that? hahaha. I have a question, as another user asked earlier, is there a way to get a battery expansion or use it while connected? It would be really useful if it were possible.

  14. Hey man, nice review! Is there another choice of color? I really liked the product review and I’m interested in getting one for my dad, he has an old one that makes so much freaking noise, I’m pretty sure he would like a compact one like this one, but he wouldn’t like that color haha.


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