Restore Jogger: The Effects of Clothing in Achieving Deep Sleep

A good night’s rest offers a number of health benefits. Uninterrupted sleep for at least eight hours can do wonders for the body. Your blood pressure lowers, you are more calm and relaxed, and stress simply vanishes away. Memory retention also improves with a good night’s rest. With you in hibernation, your body gets the time to do repairs, relax the muscles, and restore function all over.

Upon waking from a good night’s sleep, you feel reenergized and ready for the day. That is why it is very important to have a good night’s rest. Many factors affect this, such as the environment (noise, lighting, temperature), the bed, and even the clothes you wear. When you want a good night’s sleep, you need the clothes that can help create a comfortable environment. Restore Jogger does just that – help your body restore energy with a good night’s sleep.

Perfect after a Rough Day

Restore Jogger is built with your comfort at the top of the list. They are very breathable so you never have to worry about feeling too hot under the sheets. The design helps give you more range of motion for those who like sleeping in different positions all over the bed. They can provide you with an excellent fit – not too tight that it restricts movement, and not too baggy that it feels heavy.

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When you just want to go under the covers and sleep, nothing ruins the mood more than uncomfortable clothing. Whether it is too hot, too cold, too restricting of movement, or even itchy around the cuffs, uncomfortable clothes can prevent you from dozing off. These annoyances can also prevent you from sleeping through the night. Restore Jogger eliminates all these issues in one single pair of jogging pants – and you look good while wearing them as well.

Better Chance of Achieving ‘Deep Sleep’

Interrupted sleep prevents you from reaching the deep portion of your sleep. This ‘deep sleep’ has a big impact on whether or not you feel rested in the morning. Think about it – how many times have you had interrupted sleep and still felt tired the next morning?

Because of this interrupted sleep, you may feel irritable or exhausted after waking up – regardless of how long you actually slept. This is because deep sleep provides the body the chance to do repairs both physically and mentally. Deep sleep varies from person to person, but it commonly occurs 45-90 minutes after falling asleep and cycles throughout the night.

To maximize your chances of getting to the deep phase of sleep, you need to do a few things. Urinating before heading to bed is a good idea, as it prevents you from waking up in the middle of the night. Drinking less water before bedtime also prevents these midnight trips to the bathroom. Wearing comfortable clothing such as the Restore Jogger can also help you sleep easier. Removing distractions around the room, such as loud noises or bright lights can ease your mind and prepare you for sleep.




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