Redefining Diversity: 5 Types of Marijuana Products You May Not Have Heard Of

What has the legalization of marijuana led to? For one thing, a definite buzz of creativity that is reflected in the range of cannabis-related products now available; many of which skillfully blend functionality and personal taste.

Keep reading – these 5 types of marijuana products are sure to be the high point of your day!

Unique marijuana storage options

To properly store marijuana, all it takes is an airtight glass jar but why stop there? One marketed option turns the jar’s lid into a handy magnifying glass to help you find any little bit of bud that manages to slip away. Plus, there are on-the-go marijuana storage containers with built-in grinders for added convenience.

Given the ongoing research by entities such as Aleafia Inc — medical cannabis users now have access to more strains geared to specific health issues. With this in mind, some containers feature separate compartments for different cannabis strains. That’s a smart idea!

Specialty marijuana infused foods

Edible marijuana is among the fastest growing cannabis trends – and chocolate brownies aren’t the only ones getting special treatment. Offerings of marijuana edibles include beef jerky; cold brew coffee and coffee pods; tea bags; protein powder; and even lip balm, all cannabis-infused.

Some developers have taken the practical step of infusing water with marijuana. It does double duty by alleviating the dehydrating effect of smoking marijuana while giving you a relaxing dose of pain relief in the process.

Discrete marijuana personal care products

Puffing away is no longer the only way to reap the benefits of the chemicals in cannabis. Personal care items tinged with varying levels of the compounds found in marijuana have begun popping up in locations where cannabis use is now legal.

Bath soaks, shampoos and lotions are just the beginning. You can also get your hands on toothpaste, mouthwash, tattoo ointment and acne treatments that have all been cannabis-infused. It’s a fast growing industry, with bodies like the Cannabis Certification Council doing all they can to keep up.

Diverse marijuana delivery systems

Vaporizers in various sizes and pipes which double as belt buckles or bracelets are among the unique delivery systems you can try. Inconspicuous patches made with different combinations of marijuana compounds and which can last up to 12 hours are also available.

If you prefer the traditional joint, there are elegantly packaged brands for sale. Many of these are made to resemble small cigars, giving them a more sophisticated appearance. There is also the convenient, easy-to-carry, all-in-one joint lighter for persons in the habit of misplacing their lighter.

Medical marijuana for pets

Humans aren’t the only ones with painfully debilitating conditions – our pets suffer, too! For them, there are several brands of cannabis-infused dog treats now on the market. Common variations are soft chews and biscuits. Pet owners can also opt for cannabis tinctures (or extracts) which can be administered to an ailing pet with a dropper.

Numerous marijuana products have become available with the legalization of the herb. Their diverse range could make your head spin but with diligent searching you’re to find many that are just right for you. Happy hunting!



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