Reclaim Your Hair: How to Slow a Receding Hairline

Those first few signs of a receding hairline can be demoralising and scary, but spotting the early stages of thinning is the first step to recovery. Statistics have shown that 50% of men over the age of 50 are dealing with the effects of male pattern balding on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teenager or an older man, there’s always something you can do about your receding hairline. Here are a few top tips on stopping the recession and reclaiming your hair.


It’s not a secret that a lot of men are struggling with their mental health. Whether it’s anxiety, depression or general stress, if you’re unhealthy in the head, you’ll impact your physical wellbeing too. Finding ways to take those stress levels down a few pegs will benefit your overall health, including your receding hairline. 

If you’re noticing yourself becoming more stressed than usual, it’s time to take a day away from work. A single mental health day every so often can have a profound impact on your state of mind. Spend your time exercising, watching your favourite television show or reconnecting with nature. Unplugging your mind from your day to day will help you start to put things more in perspective. Need something a bit deeper? While meditation might have a bad wrap because of its associations with baggy trousers and incense, the spiritual practice could seriously help with your stress. Take 15 minutes everyday to sit in silence with your breathing. Focus on your inhale and exhale with your eyes shut every day and your mind will feel much more refreshed. You’ll see the benefits everywhere, including your hairline.


There are a huge variety of treatments available for male balding and some of them live up to the expectations. Sons are a brand making huge strides in helping to change the fortunes of men all over the UK, as well as battling unhealthy taboos surrounding the topic. Their clinically proven treatment plans include four essential products that could transform your hairline. These include finasteride, minoxidil, biotin and DHT-blocking shampoo. When taken regularly on a daily basis, these four medicines and supplements work synergistically to recover your hair follicles, increase blood flow to your scalp and block the hormone DHT. After 12 months, if you’ve been consistent with your daily doses of each product, your receding hairline could be back to its best. 

Scalp massages

If you’re noticing the early signs of a receding hairline, being a little lighter with your scalp can only benefit your hair. Men who are regularly rubbing, scratching or brushing their hair are more likely to be doing damage to their follicles. The solution? Scalp massages.

Whether you’re in the bath or on the sofa, a regular scalp massage will improve the blood flow and lead to healthier and happier hair. Stress can also have an effect on your hairline and massages could also help lower your levels. It doesn’t matter if it’s your partner or yourself, a daily scalp massage could make all the difference to your hairline.


While a healthy, balanced diet won’t stop a receding hairline completely, it will go a long way to stopping it. As with everything else associated with your health, a good diet can give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Plenty of fish, vegetables and fruit won’t only help slow down the receding hairline physically, it will also help with the stress and low feelings that also contribute to hair loss. If you have an unhealthy diet already, it can feel difficult to remove yourself from the routine of easy to eat ready meals. Take a look at some online recipes or buy a cookbook focused on simple to make healthy meals. Putting in that extra effort can totally change your perspective on food, as well as making you feel better physically and slowing your receding hairline.

More often than not, hair loss treatments are the way to go for men suffering from a receding hairline. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give the treatment a little help along the way. A better diet, lower stress levels and a regular scalp massage could all have a huge impact on your treatment.




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