Pocket-Sized Portable Balloon “House”

With the sad state of the US economy and over 1.3 million home foreclosures, this affordable “house” that can fit in your pocket is probably not a bad idea just in case you need an emergency shelter. Hopefully none of our readers have to go through such a terrible experience.

The pocket-sized portable “house” is the creation of Martin Azura, a Barcelona based designer, whose work focuses on being minimalistic and environmentally friendly. The so-called “house” is basically a large balloon that can fit in your pocket and be used as a shelter in case you can’t make it home and decide to sleep outdoors or something like that.

Inflatable house fits in your pocket

The balloon “house” is made of metalized polyester material, which self inflates when unfolded and with the help of body heat or heat from the sun. Within minutes, you’ll have a shelter. And once inside the balloon, the polyester material reflects your body heat to keep you warm. And if reversed, the material will reflect the sun and keep the interior cool.

This thing could actually be pretty useful to many countries that are constantly hit by natural disasters.




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  1. Such an interesting idea! In the state of the world today it definitely seems to be a productive thing to have if you are homeless or in the outdoors a lot. The technology involved with using body heat is so thoughtful as well, since obviously someone won’t always be in a warm or sunny place while using this balloon house. Do you have any information about how much it is supposed to cost? The source site does not really give a whole lot more information.

  2. This could be a really useful emergency shelter for outdoorsmen. Just toss it in your bag and go for a hike. If you get lost, not only will it offer shelter, it’s a big shiny thing that will attract the attention of rescue parties.


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