Penny Pinching 2 – Never Pay the Fools Price

Continuing in my series on how to stretch out every bit of your take home pay, today we’ll discuss how paying full price is for suckers, and how you too can avoid paying the fools price. Below I’ll list a few of my chief ways to keep my finances in order while buying some of my personal must have items.

Consider this another round of inspiration to get your money saving juices flowing. The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, well… there’s nothing better than saving money on other people’s gifts, and using it towards buying more cool things for myself.

Never Pay Full Price

1) Reading is one of my largest past times. I read before I go to bed, read during my lunch break, and have been known to read quite a bit at my local pub. With such an unrelenting pace, this particular habit of mine at one point began to dominate my budget. Then, so many years ago, I discovered the wonder of Amazon, and more importantly, the used books listings. Now I know that some of you must absolutely have a first edition of everything, the used books section can easily save you 30% and generally comes in such a good condition that I can hardly tell a difference.

A quick tip for all of our college students out there, when shopping for text books keep an eye out for international editions. The difference in these texts are generally a paper back and perhaps a change in page numbering, but as far as content goes it’s nearly word for word.

2) Aside from being a bookish nerd, I also enjoy a bit of gaming, owning one of each major console, both big name handhelds, and even a custom built PC that see to most of my dedicated gaming time. Coming up at near $60 a pop though, gaming can also be a huge financial drain. That’s why you need to move away from those day one releases, boys and girls.

Now I know the orgasmic joy of pulling that shrink wrap off your new game, settling in for a day long gaming session, and forgetting the world. However, we must be realistic and take a more conservative approach to our spending habits. Every god in the pantheon knows that I would just love to rush out and buy Assassins Creed 3, Dishonored, the Wii U, X-Com: Enemy Unknown, and about twenty other amazing titles coming out in the next three months. On the other hand, every teller at my bank knows my account won’t support it.

So what do we do? Easy, wait for the price drops, the holiday bundles, and the weekend sales. Try to prioritize price/release and the mode of gaming. If it’s a largely multiplayer game getting in earlier is a better choice to take advantage of the large population. If it’s a single player experience, don’t be afraid to wait a few months. More often than not you’ll be able to save a few bucks and also pickup additions to the game by way of DLC.

3) Staying in style can be a big expense these days, but can also be a good investment. It’s my belief that every man should own a full-fledged suit and a nice pair of shoes. It is also my belief that if you paid for any part of it at full price then you have more money than sense.

One way to keep your bank account in the red when shopping for new clothes is to take advantage of the perpetual sales found online. As an example, just a few minutes of searching turns up a wide range of discount codes, coupons, and specials. I should note that when shopping for new attire that you should keep your measurements close to hand. The standard sizing chart means little and less when you can’t try the garment on, whereas the hard numbers assure you of a good fit.

Hopefully these simple tips will help keep your budget under control without having to sacrifice too many of the finer things in life.



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