Party on the Coastline in Class: Milano Marittima Nightlife

Nestled in the pine-clad forest of Cervia and only a short trip from Emilia Romagna, Milano Marittima is an exclusive Italian beach town with spas, national parks and beaches to explore. Oh, and it throws some of the best and exclusive parties in Europe. The Milano Marittima nightlife sports a mix of styles, from upper-class wine lounges to roaring discos and the world’s largest foam party, the exclusive Italian coastline is a go-to destination for Europe’s elite and I.

Check into one of the many high end resorts, hotels, or beach clubs to start your getaway right.

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In the summer months, Italian, German, and Russian tourists roam around late into the night, as the city closes off streets to traffic for one of the most distinct features of Milano Marittima nightlife: The Street Bars.

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That’s right, the Milano Marittima nightlife is not content to stay contained indoors. These parties have to spill out into the road, with the biggest trendsetters in music, fashion, and gossip parting until the sunrise. In Milano Marittima, you rarely find nationalities other than Italian, Russian, and German tourists. Since you are reading this in English, you will be one of the most exotic people partying there.

In my tour of the Milano Marittimo nightlife, my first destination was the classy and exclusive Caffè della Rotonda restaurant and lounge, a comfortable and simple starting point to meet and plan a night.

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You can rest on their many Indonesian sofas with cushy  pillows while enjoying cocktails, tropical drinks, or a glass of wine from their 400-label cellar. An impeccably dressed Italian with a powerful handshake, the owner dropped by to introduce himself and casually mention the Russian billionaire who held a business meeting in a backroom a day before.  If you’re not partying all night, you can also hit up the Rotunda throughout the day for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, as well as after-dinner aperitifs.

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I won’t lie, though. I came here first because of the beautiful people I could see from the window and the DJ. This is where the people with a class drink before the intense journey into the Milano Marittimo nightlife.

Next up was starting the real Milano Marittimo nightlife party at the Cain Fashion Club.

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The Cain always had something going on and brought in world-renowned DJs to power their constant parties and house events. It sets up as an open-air bar with a patio that leads onto the street and many other bars lining the road during the summer months. This makes for a collaborative street party. Unlike other street parties that quickly turn into sloppiness, Milano Marittima stays somewhat well behaved as most people confine themselves to the outer edges of the bars providing their liquid courage. Speaking of liquid courage, this is especially true in Milano Marittima. During my night out, I saw firsthand the Italian reputation out in full force with charming but aggressive men making their rounds around the bars and nightclubs searching for women for marriage? In my group of new Italian friends, for example, they used my American nationality as a way to meet women.

I heard  the phrase, “Hi, meet my American friend Jason” more than a dozen times that night. That was my cue to chat up said group of Italian women. It not surprisingly rarely worked.

Down the street, I hit up Italy’s most famous disco and one of the most exclusive clubs in Europe, the Pineta Glam Club.

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Since 1962, the Pineta has been throwing parties and attracting some of the world’s most beautiful and powerful people. It’s impossible to miss the Pineta,  as it is a giant pearly-white building with steel furnishings that reflect all the bright lights around it, letting you know on sight that it stands alone from the rest of the Milano Marittimo nightlife.

Every celebrity and sports star that travels through the area stops in at The Pineta, though they’re usually smartly kept away from onlookers like myself.

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However, just that night my friends whisked me through the disco’s backdoor as if the paparazzi were after us. It helps to make friends with connections.

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It doesn’t matter, though, because there’s enough of a cool and unique feel to the club’s design that you can walk away feeling comfortable saying things like, “I t0tally partied with Kate Upton! (And about 700 other people, too.).”

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That is if you can even gain entrance.

A different side of Milano Marittima nightlife is the world’s largest foam party from June through August at Aquafan that more resembles Ibiza mega clubs. Or check out other parties hosted at Villa Papeete, Idroscalo, Bicio Papao, Denny Rose Le Disco, and Vanquish Street Bar. Just like anywhere in the world, you need to check local listings such as and other websites to find the best parties each night.

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder the Milano Marittimo nightlife is some of the best and most sought-after parties in the world. Shockingly, a small town could contain so much fun, but that’s what makes Milano Marittimo special: It always delivers surprises and is nothing you would ever expect. Except for bikini-clad women strolling the beach the next day who encourage you to do it all over again later that night.

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