Party Guide To Mykonos

Undeniably, Mykonos’ party scene is probably the most vibrant and animated in the entire Mediterranean. Catering to the needs of every visitor, the so-called Queen of the Cyclades welcomes its guests with royal honors, addressing their desires for night-long entertainment featuring from iconic beach club parties and spectacular drag queen shows to more chilled and romantic dinner ventures with magnificent seascapes. This guide demonstrates the finest and most popular ways and establishments to have a great time during a Mykonos escape, including open-air partying, pubs, cocktail bars, bar restaurants, and nightclubs.

When to visit Mykonos for a party-zenith endeavor

Mykonos is a party land from end to end, almost year-round. However, according to Kinglike Concierge, the best time to visit the island for its party scene is between late June through mid-September, when everything is in full bloom, including gay festivals and international DJ events.

Entertainment options in Mykonos for a relaxed evening

The island’s capital, Mykonos Town or the Chora, gathers most after-dark entertainment options. One of the most scenic locations to enjoy a relaxed drink or meal is Little Venice. The beachfront location is lined with beautiful, colorful two-storey, Venetian-style houses (turned into cafes, restaurants, and bars) offering sweeping views of the shimmering Aegean Sea. It’s an excellent place to start a bar hopping venture or simply unwind with a delicious cocktail, your toes in the sand, and the moonlight showering the cute whitewashed, cubic-shaped houses with the blue shutters and the signature Windmills in the background.

Party Meccas in Mykonos

For more intense moments in the late evening hours that will accompany you through the next morning, we suggest heading to the capital’s bars and dance clubs, including Jackie O’, Astra, Scandinavian Bar, Galleraki, Remezzo, Babylon, Katerina’s Bar, and 180° Sunset Bar, with the last two providing heart-stopping sunset views too! For gay and LGBTQ-oriented fun and entertainment, Babylon, Lola, Jackie O’, Porta Bar, Kastro’s, and @54 are some exceptional options providing stellar experiences worth taking home with you!

However, perhaps the most bubbly and zestful parties take place along the shoreline, particularly at Super Paradise, Paradise, Psarou, Panormos, Ftelia, and Paraga beaches which host the infamous:

  • Kalua A must-visit gem at Paraga Beach for every party-goer on this planet that has been established as a celebs’ playground since the 1970s. Staying loyal to its motto (“Every day is another chance for a beach party”) for many decades, with no sign of stopping anywhere in the near future, Kalua attracts mainly the younger crowds who can’t get enough of the beats that don’t stop before sunrise. If you are around, ask the expertly trained bartenders for a Kalua Watermelon cocktail. You can thank us later!
  • Paradise Bar & Club Hands down one of the most popular open-air nightclubs on the island, located on Paradise Beach, that always delivers on its promise for exhilarating, night-long theme-partying and dancing. Featuring a VIP area, a swimming pool, a main deck, international DJs, and a bar, it maintains attendees’ adrenaline sky-high while keeping exotic cocktails and the finest champagne labels flowing.
  • Cavo Paradiso – Greeting party-loving visitors with some of the most renowned Mykonos events, it is worshipped by thousands of tourists every summer. Definitely a major player in the night scene, Cavo Paradiso on Paradise Beach is a huge open-air club with top EDM DJ events that gets booked way too quickly, so make your reservations early in advance.         
  • Tropicana Bar – Tucked in Paradise Beach, it excites with its exotic cocktails,     charming surroundings, great architecture, sumptuous meals, and never-ending events. The bar has an in-house DJ, many umbrellas and deck chairs, a wide range of drinks, cocktails, and juices, and breathtaking sea views.       

Best venues for idyllic sunset views

First comes 180° Sunset Bar, as mentioned before, which is nestled inside a castle unlike any other castle you have ever seen. The Panigirakis Castle is a modern-day castle, built only a few decades ago. It has smooth walls and tables for visitors to enjoy their drinks with panoramic views of the island and the glistering archipelago.

Next comes waterfront-situated Caprice, another great place to catch the sinking sun with the sound of the waves lapping at the shore moments before the sun paints the ocean and the chalky buildings with warm shades of yellows, reds, and oranges.

Blu Lounge Cafe Bar in Mykonos Town will also offer captivating views of the capital and the picturesque Mykonos port. The multifunctional, three-tier cafe-lounge bar is a beloved place to kiss the day goodbye with a refreshing cocktail in hand, whether from the VIP area or the massive outdoor terrace. The bar also offers a great assortment of snacks and salads made from fresh local ingredients.

Needless to say, any beachfront venue in Mykonos is perfect for an evening out just before the sun slides behind the horizon. So, feel free to explore your options!

Best dining experiences in Mykonos

Before you join one of the many legendary parties that excite the senses until the early wee hours, you may want to indulge in a fulfilling dining experience, be it at a fine dining venue, local taverna or street food facility. Three of the most notorious ones are:

  • Nammos – An establishment occupying a pristine seaside location at Psarou Beach that provides 5-star dining ventures at its superbly elegant lounge and terrace, from where you can lay eyes on the magnificent Mediterranean Sea spreading below your feet. A celeb-favored venue with tables on the sand and a lively bar and party scene featuring a beach club that impresses with its stylish décor, lively events, and attentive, VIP service.    
  • Funky Kitchen – A place that gratifies with opulent luxury while sitting gracefully in the heart of a cobbled alley of the capital. It is one of the many successful and thriving family businesses in Mykonos pampering visitors’ palates with exquisite dishes like octopus carpaccio topped with pink peppercorns, wild oregano, and fried Syros capers. Plus, a rich collection of local cheeses and delicious panna cotta!
  • M Eating – Expect to be served at a beautiful outdoor terrace, in an environment that exudes warmth and cosiness. This all white-linen service dining venue overlooks out into a small cobblestone street in Mykonos Town, spoiling taste buds with traditional Greek cuisine given an interesting, even quirky spin and a wide selection of the          finest Greek wines. Some of the must-haves are tuna carpaccio with lentils, lamb sous vide, scallops on baked apple, and veal on eggplant puree (and, of course, their honey pie).     

Other restaurants, tavernas, and street food establishments that draw visitors’ attention by thousands every evening are Scorpios, Ling Ling Mykonos, Kadena, and Sakis Grill House, to name a few.

Alternative ways to party in Mykonos

If you want to stray from the beach clubs and thronging bars, you can take the party onboard a luxury catamaran or yacht. Renting a stylish yacht will get you a new way to skyrocket your night out in Mykonos with your friends. You may also opt for a sunset tour and party with drinks, cocktails, and light snack options (even BBQ and cooked seafood) the night away. Most visitors prefer to make a catamaran cruise part of an all-around experience that involves island hopping ventures and fun activities like fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

There is no limit as to how or how much fun you can have on Mykonos. You set the parameters of this journey. And remember, what happens in Mykonos, stays in Mykonos!




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