OneLess Desk: The Elegant Space Saving Desk

The OneLess Desk by Heckler Design is a modern and elegant desk that’s ideal for rooms where space is an issue. Even is space is not at a premium, the desk is very stylish and comes in a variety of colors that will brighten even the darkest rooms.

The OneLess desk saves space with its nesting design, by tucking the lower deck of the desk into the top deck when not in use. The top deck is for housing the computer monitor and other stuff you need for work and the lower deck is made to hold the keyboard and mouse. The back end of the desk has a shelf for all the cords, power bars, routers etc. The desk is constructed out of cold rolled 12-gauge steel with industrial-grade welding.

The OneLess desk’s top deck measures 33.2” wide x 12” deep x 30.5” tall and the bottom deck measures 30.4” x 12” x 25.5”. Smaller nesting stand and file box is also available. The OneLess desk is priced at $749 with free shipping in the United States. [Buy It]




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