The new Max 360 – My spring

For me, winter is a time for working on the man-shaped dent in my couch, improving the financial outlook of my local pizzeria (which I suspect I’m single handily keeping afloat) and building up a knowledge of TV series that could see me on a Jeopardy! winning streak that lasts the season (if only appearing on the show was winter friendly, played out on Skype and was solely about melodramatic TV dramas).

Anyway, with the weather now improving I’m venturing into the great outdoors once more, and taking to the roads to squeeze in as many road trips as I can before next winter rolls around (as it does so more quickly than Mama June gets to the buffet queue at a wedding).


Mileage, tickets and a lost spring in my step

I do some serious mileage outside of the depressing months – and I’m one of the 20% of US citizens that get ticketed each and every year (Statistic Brain); seriously, they really do their best to kill the spring in my step.

Yet I’ve (rather wisely) invested in a gadget that’s going to make tickets a thing of the past.

It’s called the new Escort Max 360. And it’s pretty awesome. Here’s why…

The new Max 360 – Pretty impressive tech


Now let’s get this straight: I’m no speed freak, nor am I an owner of a Ford Shelby GT500 (well, outside of Xbox Forza I’m not, anyway). Like probably around 15% of these ticketed – I’m a mindful driver.

The new Max 360 is for people just like me – and with fresh new technological improvements this model boasts solid radar and laser detection. This bit of kit let’s its owner know when there are scanners around – and when I say around, I mean 360° around – so whatever direction there may be a speed trap placed, I’ll know about it.

This is made possible by the 360 having dual antennas – both at the front and rear. The on-dash interface displays arrows to point out where the threat is positioned and with ‘GPS-powered AutoLearn technology’ the new Max 360 also rejects what can be false alerts.

After trialing the 360 I can say that this is one product that doesn’t make grand claims and then fail to deliver. This is a brand that does exactly what it says on the tin. Which is rather important when it comes to avoiding tickets (as well as being slowed down by never ending false alerts).

Ready to check out the new Max 360?

With the 360, responsible drivers are empowered. Never again have that dreaded brown envelope drop through your letter box.

This is normal driving – reinvented. This is intelligent driving. And it’s about to revolutionize my spring outings – in fact, it might even encourage me to consider doing away with the winter bug out bag.

Check out the new Max 360 for yourself


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