Need A Room to Rent? 7 Things You Should Consider

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People travel all the time for different reasons. Work, medical tourism, a stress-busting vacation, and recreation are just a few good reasons. And what makes a trip considerably more comfortable? While this question may have several unique answers, there’s one thing we all can unanimously agree on- a bad place to stay can ruin the entire experience!

Hotels and Airbnb provide travelers with the comfort of personal space during their trips. Despite all this, it can still be tough to find the perfect rental. One may have a lot of concerns while renting a room. It can make the decision-making process overwhelming and even scary at times. Therefore, we have assembled a list of some things you may look into before swiping your card for a booking. Whether you rent it for a few days or weeks, be mindful of the following things. 

  1. Compare rental fares

This point takes the topmost position because it will eventually determine the rest of your travel budget. The rent determines whether you can afford the hotel/resort or not. The price range can even give you an idea of what to expect in terms of service and convenience. Well-equipped hotels at popular spots tend to cost more than dorms and motels in the suburbs.  So when booking a room, always compare prices by running a quick Google search. For instance, if you’re going on a trip to Snow Canyon State Park in Utah, look up St George rentals and pick an option that is budget-friendly and convenient to stay in. Repeat the same for any other place you intend to travel to.    

  1. Cancellation policy

It is always advisable to check the cancellation policy before making a payment. There can be unforeseen circumstances that may prevent you from traveling, which can result in last-minute cancellations. Cancellation policies are not that simple and can cost you money and waste your time fetching reimbursements. The cancellation policies vary from hotel to hotel, but most hotels do have a 72-hour window. If you are not entirely sure about your plans, book a room in a hotel that gives its customers some margin when canceling a reservation. While you’re at it, do check the charges and refund policy. 

  1. Check the locality

The location of the hotel matters the most, especially if you are in a new place. You will not be aware of the surroundings, which can make it challenging to navigate. So, rent in a place to stay near a commercial zone. Or at least close to where you intend to spend most of your time. Avoid booking a hotel in dingy neighborhoods even if they save you a few bucks. Such areas pose several security risks, and you may end up losing more while trying to save some money. It is also advisable to rent a hotel near an airport and the bus stop if you do not have a car and are going on a short trip. 

  1. Read reviews 

The internet is a massive community in which people share their opinions- even when not asked to. Most hotel websites flaunt favorable service reviews on their websites like badges. We’re not saying that isn’t good, but there may be a chance that the website reviews do not paint the correct picture. So, if you do not see a single bad review, there may be a chance that the website censors any bad reviews. In such a case, you may check the reviews on Google maps. Generally, the reviews present a fair picture to the reader. Some may even post pictures to make it easier to make a decision. By reading reviews, you’ll know how a particular hotel’s rooms look and smell. You’ll know for sure what to expect and what to avoid.

  1. Wi-Fi availability

These days no one can survive without Wi-Fi. Therefore, ask the service providers if the rooms come with free internet access. Be sure to ask for details like speed and any data limits. For instance, some hotels only give a certain amount of Gigabytes per room. The speed is also significant since, with a high number of users, there may be a lag in the download and upload speed of the internet. 

  1. Security features

Security should be your utmost priority while booking a room in either a hotel or an apartment. No matter which city or country you are traveling to, ensure the hotel provides a secure environment. It will help you in enjoying your trip to the fullest. Even if you are renting a room for a few days, the security features matter. You may even inquire the hotel management about the precautions they take to ensure the safety of the guests and their belongings.

  1. Pet policies

If you are traveling with pets, you may want to look into renting animal-friendly hotels. Sometimes, college students have to rent a room in an apartment, and the pet policy depends on the consent of the flatmates. Sometimes, the building has a strict no pet policy and may prohibit pets from entering the building. Try to confirm the pet policy beforehand. You may ask the hotel management if you can keep your furry friend in the room. Asking before booking can save you from stress and inconvenience. On the other hand, if you do not ask this on time, you may have to look for another hotel and pay way more than you initially planned. 


There are some things that one must take into consideration while selecting a room for renting. It is essential to book the right place to stay if you want to enjoy your trip. Otherwise, you may end up regretting your choice. To make things easier, go online and compare prices, read the cancelation policy, consider easily accessible locations, security, internet access, and read reviews. If you’re traveling with animals, read the pet policy. By following these tips, you can book a comfortable place to stay while traveling. 



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