National Read a Book Day Making Reading Easier and Accessible

National Read a Book day is coming up in August, and to celebrate we thought we’d compile a list of ways you can make reading easier and more accessible. Reading is a great pastime, but it’s also one of the best ways to enrich your life. Books can take you on faraway journeys, teach you about life and give you a much-needed perspective. Whether you’re a huge reader yourself or looking to inspire the younger generations to read more, these ways to make reading easier will work for anyone.

So how can you commemorate National Read a Book Day and encourage more reading for yourself and others?

Invest in Wall Storage
Wall storage, you say? Not just any storage, but or magazine holder wire rack can be a great way to encourage reading. You can put books in there, but it’s a great place to store all those magazines that everyone seems to collect. While many people opt to put magazines in the bathroom, the beauty of this wire rack is that it uses wall storage to encourage someone to pick up anything to read, at any time.

Put it in the living room or your kids rooms or anywhere else you desire. Using suction cups, it’s so easy to move around the house as you see fit.

Not everyone wants to read a book and that’s ok. Celebrating all kinds of reading is a great start.

Wall hook racks are another great way to encourage reading because you can put little buckets of books around the house for people to pick up and read.

Reading Lights
Reading in dim light isn’t good for eyes, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up reading in bed. Reading in bed can be one of the most fun parts of reading, so purchasing a little reading light could make all the difference.

Costing only $17 and coming in a black and silver, this energy efficient light uses a clip to attach to any surface for easy reading. Whether it’s your headboard, the side of your desk or even the book itself, this serves as a great additional light that you can move around as you move around.

With a rechargeable battery, don’t worry about having not batteries in the house to use it, simply charge it during the day for use all night long. These lights also adjust with easy maneuverability so you get the light at just the right angle.
Reading books or any kind of material is awesome. In celebration of these day of Reading in a couple of months, it may be time to invest in some reading materials to make it more fun, easier and generally more accessible to everyone.




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