Money Shredding Alarm Clock


Are you the type of person that keeps hitting the snooze button every time the alarm goes off?  While you do get a bit of extra sleep, you’re most likely in a major rush when you do finally decide to get up and then not have enough time for breakfast and a shower.  You’re not only going to be hungry but you are also going stink when you do finally get to work.

We may have a solution for you; check out this alarm clock that shreds money if you don’t get up in time to stop it.  I don’t know about you, I like money and would gladly jump out of bed on time to avoid my precious benjamins from being shredded to pieces.  Don’t go running to your local gadget store though, this is a gag product and only a concept but clever nonetheless.

Money-Shredding-Alarm-Clock-Side[Source: Acid Cow]



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