Methods of Hair Replacement Surgery

It’s what’s inside that counts, but a person’s appearance does make a difference. Like it or not, people tend to judge each other in business, social connections, and in general by their looks. Good hygiene and dress that is appropriate to the occasion are a big part of this. Sometimes you want to look professional, others approachable, and often attractive.

A huge part of appearance is hair. Although there are many men, and some women, who can pull off a completely bald head, most people want a full head of hair. Aging, heredity, and other issues can cause hair to thin and fall out. Modern science has developed several surgical methods to combat this problem.

Hair Transplant

One of the most popular and effective surgeries to reverse hair loss is the transplant and one nation has advanced it beyond others. A hair transplant Turkey is recommended by many medical professionals for the expertise in the Turkish medical community. 

Professionals in Turkey have conducted extensive research to develop superior hair transplant methods. There are three options from which to choose and each has its advantages.

DHI Transplant

A DHI hair transplant requires the work of a large group of specialists and nurses. It is one of the least intrusive hair transplant treatments available. A device called a micromotor removes hair follicles from an area of the scalp where hair is abundant. They are then implanted in the bald spots. 

A DHI operation takes about eight hours but the results are worth the time expenditure for many patients. The transplanted follicles stimulated new hair growth and healing generally happens quickly.

Unshaven Fue Transplant

Transplants usually involve shaving existing hair from the area of the transplant. For patients who would prefer not to be shaved, the unshaven Fue transplant is a good choice. This makes it a preference among women and people in the public spotlight. 

Unshaven treatments use special equipment to remove follicles carefully from the donor area and implant them in the thinning spots in between existing hairs. The stimulation of new hair growth happens very quickly. Usually, within a few days, the patient’s bald spots will not be detectable nor will it be obvious they had a transplant. 

Micro Fue Transplant

The third type of transplant surgery is the micro Fue. This is a revolutionary method in which hair follicles are removed one at a time from the donor area of the scalp. The patient feels little if any pain during the procedure and the possibility of complications during surgery is significantly reduced. 

The surgical team uses micromotors with blades made from sapphire. This ensures the incisions will be small and clean. Healing occurs rapidly. The micro Fue method is proving to be the most successful and least invasive form of hair transplant surgery.

Other Hair Replacements Surgeries

Although hair transplants tend to be the most effective, there are other types of surgery. There is scalp reduction in which bald areas are cut out and the parts of the scalp with hair pulled in to cover the incision. 

Tissue expansion involves surgically placing a device called a tissue expander beneath the scalp. This causes the skin to grow new cells. After several weeks, a second operation places the expanded skin over the bald spot.

These alternate methods can be effective but they are far more invasive than a hair transplant and can take a considerable amount of time to heal.

Having a full head of hair is important to many people. It can boost self-esteem and confidence. Thinning hair is common but there are ways to treat it. Hair transplant surgery has developed methods that are effective and minimally invasive. 




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