Men or Women: Who Masturbates the Most?

If you believe masturbation is for one gender, then you are wrong. Also, if you think that women don’t masturbate, you are wrong. These are some extremes you might have been acquainted with while growing up. The truth of the entire situation is that both genders consume porn. However, the rate of consumption differs based on so many factors. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that masturbation and porn consumption are not wrong on their own; In fact, they could serve as a corrective measure for relationships that are losing sexual intimacy.

So, if you ask which gender masturbates the most, it might be somewhat difficult to point out that one gender masturbates more than the other.

What is masturbation?

The concept of masturbation Is a vast one. Still, its meaning is simply the act of manually stimulating the genitals (either yours or your partner’s) in other to attain sexual pleasure. The concept of masturbation is broad because there are several means of achieving sexual pleasure, and each will most likely involve touching one another in sexual places. If you have visited Skype live sex, you must have encountered a form of masturbation that features a cam model erotically touching herself. This act is potent enough to move you to do the same to yourself if you find the process sexually appealing. So, the concept of masturbation is so comprehensive.

It is worth noting that anybody can masturbate. Irrespective of your stature, status, or level of exposure, if you are exposed to the right amount of porn content, masturbation becomes possible.

Who should masturbate more?

As mentioned earlier, the concept of masturbation is not gender-biased. If you know within yourself that your relationship lacks the spark it needs, or it’s not as fun as it used to be, masturbation could be your way out. So, in this scenario, you can engage in mutual masturbation with your partner. This would feature the both of you, either visiting skype live sex on cam sites or private cam shows. Once you can conveniently set this up, you’d be surprised how much your relationship would improve. This process is also convenient for those in long-distance relationships. So, instead of masturbating alone, you could masturbate with your partner with a shared link of live sex on cam sites.

So, who should masturbate more? Both genders should do it according to discretion, but be sure it doesn’t become problematic as masturbation could be addictive, especially when channeled in the wrong direction. It could cost you your relationship. Masturbation could replace your partner if you don’t make a conscious effort to keep it in check. If you feel your partner isn’t giving you much attention like before, ensure you call them to order by conversing with them. They might have some things bothering them, and masturbation feels like the remedy they need at the moment. So, ensure you do not take everything to the extreme, especially when it comes to masturbation.

The rate of porn consumption amongst women has been rising since the last few years, and till presently, women seem to be closing the gap that existed between these two genders. Men tend to consume porn when they are stressed and tend to spend a shorter period on porn sites. However, on the other side, women tend to take their time whenever they visit the porn site and have wild taste in their choice of porn. Where porn resides, masturbation also resides. However, stating which gender masturbates more correctly could be incorrect, since both genders tend to consume porn on almost the same level.

As mentioned earlier, there’s nothing wrong with porn consumption or masturbation. It, however, becomes problematic when you get addicted and can’t do without it even when your partner is available. Nonetheless, several online contents point out that men tend to consume porn more and hence masturbate more. However, it is worth noting that women tend to spend more time on porn sites consuming as much porn as possible, and this could inform their level of masturbation. So, it becomes somewhat challenging to establish which gender masturbates more. On skype live-streaming, masturbation is the norm, and both men and women enjoy it almost at the same pace. If you’ve taken time to access visitors and audiences on live sex streaming shows, you’d be surmised at how much both genders enjoy masturbation. Hence, this makes it difficult to lay hands on the exact percentage of the gender that masturbates the most.




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