MB&F Horological Machine No 3 Rebel

Luxury watchmakers Maximilian Büsser & Friends (MB&F) create some of the most artistic watches in the industry: we have covered a lot of their insanely beautiful and unusual watches (click here).  Their latest  watch is the MB&F Rebel. Part of their Horological Machine No. 3 line, it was created in partnership with Laurent Picciotto.

The MB&F HM3 Rebel is yet another limited edition piece, and only 18 will be produced.  The “R” in the ReBel stands for right hand and the “B” for black.  What does that mean?  The watch is to be worn on the right wrist (lefty) and the case is made out of black PVD-treated white gold.

The black PVD-coated ReBel is a distinctive, rock ‘n roll mirror-image of the HM3 designed to be worn on the right wrist, as a few individualists out there want to do.

James Dean was a Hollywood Rebel Without a Cause; Billy Idol had a Rebel Yell; Star Wars had its Rebel Alliance; and now MB&F pokes the establishment firmly in its conservatively-focused eye with the HM3 ReBel.

We think James Dean would have worn one, Billy Idol would have sang about it, and the Rebel Alliance would have fought for it.

Judging by the above quotes, the MB&F HM3 Rebel watch is created for badass people that like rock n roll and obviously have a lot of cash to spend.

[Source: MB&F]




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