Making Celebrity Hipsters – The Illustrations of Fab Ciraolo

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, there’s a hipster in too tiny pants and an ‘ironically bad’ moustache or haircut. Since these underground fashion disasters will never be cool in their own right, illustrator Fab Ciraolo has attempted to lend them some cred by re-imagining notable celebrity hipsters. To be fair, Salvador Dali had the hipster facial hair before it was cool, which is -of course- everything that the alternative lifestyle seeking attention whore lives for.

Illustrated Celebrity Hipsters – SO UNDERGROUND (Mostly Because They’re Dead)

Fab Ciraolo has a beautiful illustration style that feels very bohemian and whimsical. These stylings are exactly what hipsters are convinced that they epitomize, minus the smelly professor’s jackets and unisex tights. There are vibrant floral and animal prints everywhere, with a faded style that’s reminiscent of  aged polaroid photography  instagram photos. In a most of the cases, I’m wondering if today’s young, disenfranchised trend setters actually know who most of these celebrities are despite Ciraolo’s picture perfect renderings. Since most of them were ‘totally famous and mainstream’ well before most hipsters were even a twinkle, I’m guessing the irony may be lost on them. Enjoy these great illustrations for their technical style and their tongue in cheek look at popular culture…and hope you don’t see any of your favorite outfits. Check out Fab Ciraolo’s blog for unique art updated constantly, including fantastic 50s/hipster portraits of classic cartoon characters.



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