How To Make Use Of Small Spaces In Small Apartments

Small houses or apartments can be great in many ways—less cleaning, less stuff to look after, and the feeling of coziness. However, they can also be annoying because you don’t always have the space for the stuff you want. Whether it’s your primary residence or just a secondary home, there are ways that you can make the most of those small apartments and fit in as much as your heart desires. You just need to get a little creative about it.


Stacking things makes a huge amount of difference to the amount of stuff you can fit into a small space. This doesn’t always have to be putting things literally on top of one another, but rather using simple solutions like foldable plastic shelves to create multiple levels. Take a space under the sink in the kitchen, for example. This space might be two feet high, but only have the bottom floor to put things on. Also called shelf inserts, they come in varying sizes for stacking and can help you fit four times the amount of stuff into one space. Plus, they’re very inexpensive, so you can get as many as you need throughout the house.

Create Extra Countertop Space In The Kitchen

Sometimes the hardest thing about small kitchens is not having enough counter space, and many times, this is because there are two sinks. While two sinks can be helpful, more often than not, you probably want the counter space more than the second sink. To fix this problem, try getting one of those chopping boards from Ikea that attaches to the front of the countertop and can easily fit over that second sink to give you extra counter space for cooking or for storing things.

Use Storage Ottomans

These storage ottomans are so insanely helpful for those little bits and bobs that need a home but don’t take up too much space. The best thing about storage ottomans is that they come in any shape, style, color, or fabric you want to perfectly blend with the décor of your home. Having something that doubles for two uses is incredibly helpful in managing small apartment spaces.

Beds With Storage

Another great way to use what would be dead space is to have a bed with storage. You can do this in a couple of different ways. Either by having storage bins or pull-out drawers under the bed or opting for something like Ikea’s bed headboards with built-in storage behind them.

Having a small apartment doesn’t need to be as difficult as you think it will be. With a bit of creativity and finding dual purposes for things, you’ll be on your way to making that small space work splendidly and even have some to spare.



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