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With millions of people using Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms of our day, it is no wonder people with a large number of followers are making use of this fact. There are currently many big Instagram users making tons of money simply by having a large number of followers and engaging with them on a regular basis. The key is persistence, and if you love interacting with others, this could be the job for you. While this can seem simple and easy, this is actually a long and drawn-out process that requires diligence and time before any real money can be made from your Instagram followers. The following is a list of options to start making money on Instagram, as long as you have good posts and a large following.

1. Sell your photos

If you believe that your photos are of high quality and you enjoy taking them, then maybe you should consider selling your photos to brands to use as part of their marketing strategy. There are several online marketplaces that allow you to do this, where you can sign up for free. While services like this may take up to 50% of the cut, this can be the easiest way to use existing photos and start making a profit almost immediately.

2. Sell Other Companies Products and Services

By essentially becoming an affiliate marketer for other companies, it is possible to start earning a commission on Instagram. To start, all you need to do is copy a unique URL and paste it to your bio. When others click on it, you could earn a commission if they make a purchase or give any personal information. This can be done through such sites Peerfly, where you may require approval before you can start posting.

3. Gain Email Subscribers and Refer them to Affiliate Links

You are efficient with the previous task; it may be worthwhile for you to build your own email list through such services as MailChimp. This will allow you to obtain up to 2000 subscribers, with more being available with the purchase of a premium package. By scheduling emails to be sent to your subscribers on a routine basis, it will be possible for you to also send out affiliate links to products available for purchase.

4. Connect with Advertisers Willing to Sponsor You

If you are an influential Instagram user with lots of followers as well as a real connection to said followers, it may be possible for you to get a sponsorship deal promoting content for other companies. If you can get large numbers of people to like and comment on your posts within a matter of minutes, this may be the job for you. By joining up with big companies, like Expedia or Puma, you could start to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars on but a single post. While the bigger sponsorships are obviously going to be what brings in the real money, it is still possible for even a following of 100,000 followers to start bringing in a profit through smaller companies.

You can also use an Instagram bot to generate high levels of engagement.



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