Magic Fly by Space – The Secret Mystery of Space

There are many types of things that are best enjoyed sober, but this music video by Space called Magic Fly is most definitely not one of them.

If I had to try and describe Magic Fly, I would say that watching it was like experiencing the acid trip I never had. It was as if a giant rubber hand reached into my bedroom, pulling me back through space and time into a low budget studio in America in the year 1977. Yes, it’s just like that, especially the rubber hand part.

Magic Fly Music Video

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I have to hand it to him; Charlie Brooker really does know how to find amazing bits of historical footage. This video wins on so many levels, though none of which I can adequately describe. It has lots of space, it has people being fly… in space, and it has dancing. Yes, it even has a half respectable tune to boot. My only qualm is that I didn’t actually see any space honnies for the fly space people to be fly with. Given the shiny metallic suits, though, well… we probably wouldn’t notice anyway.

Now, after having listened to this, you’re undoubtedly itching for more – the soothing, heaven (or space) like sounds teasing you… beckoning you to listen some more. Well, it turns out you’re in luck. Not only is Space an actual band, they’re still playing music to this very day. There’s even a good reason for the bizarre flashing colors and metallic suits: they’re French. Need I say more?

If you’re interested in hearing more space, you won’t have to go that far to find it. YouTube is just riddled with their music, including many of their recent hits.




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