Living at Home? You’re Not the Boss

I woke up a few hours ago after a restless night, and I’m extremely hung-over from having had far, far too much wine. I just wanted you to know that before I continue, because the following will make a lot more sense within that context.

So, there’s this mobile phone company called GiffGaff, and their slogan goes ‘We’re All The Boss.’ They’ve put together this great little video (I’ll show you in a moment) where a group of friends are playing cards at the home of a fellow living with his parents. Straight forward enough, right? Well… not exactly.

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I quite enjoy cheeky little advertising campaigns like this. Watching this reminded me of my teenage years. Well, let me re-phrase that: watching this reminded me of what little I remember from the weekends of my teenage years. You see, I lived at home longer than most people my age. That seems to be changing now, with young people being too broke to afford renting an apartment, but at the time it was a little odd. My parents were extremely liberal with me, but even so, I wasn’t the boss.

One weekend I had friends over on a Friday night to watch movies, drink, and eat tons of bad food. Hours later, many drinks consumed, people could barely walk, there was vomit all over the floor, and one of my friends had to be rushed to the hospital.

Let’s just say I never threw a party like that again.

Now, perhaps this is a bit hyperbolic, but for all of you still living at home, perhaps you could afford to move out if you weren’t spending so much money on stupid crap. Phone plans can be hilariously expensive, and that’s why it’s so important to shop around.

I’ve talked about this at length before, so I’ll leave it at that. To learn more about GiffGaff’s plans, visit I’m looking forward to seeing more of their off-color videos.




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