Light Touch – Turning Flat Surfaces Into Touch Screens

Light Touch projector turns images into touch screens

Ever find that your iTouch or iPhone screen is simply not big enough to truly enjoy the capabilities of what the device has to offer?

“Light Touch is an interactive projector that instantly transforms any flat surface into a touch screen. It frees multimedia content from the confines of the small screen, allowing users to interact with that content just as they do on their hand held devices – using multi-touch technology.”

I’m not quite sold on the Light Touch and functionality just yet but the idea of it is very intriguing. The system uses a technology called Holographic Laser Projection which allows the Light Touch to create bright and high quality video images in WVGA resolution. Infrared sensors are able to detect motion which turn the projected image into a 10:1” virtual touch screen allowing the user to control the projector and interact by simply touching the displayed image.

The system looks pretty cool but only time will tell how retailers and the general consumer will implement the Light Touch into their daily routines. If this is too fancy for you, one could always get an Apple iPad or other various tablets available on the market. That will at least take care of the small screen problem.

Check out the video below of the Light Touch demonstration.

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